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""Aha. Perhaps you'll rise to the occasion if I give you a bigger challenge. In a few moments, we shall see if you're really cut out for this Papyrox. My creation obeys my every thoughts, follows my every command. He cuts and he destroys. Consider this your new test. Either you pass or you fail.""
―Serrator creating and presending the first Papyrox.[src]

The Papyroxes are Nighloks created by Serrator from special paper using his claws.


The first Papyrox appears after Serrator's introduction when it easily overpowers the Battlewing Megazord and a single attack tears it apart. After Antonio Garcia successfully drives off Serrator with the LightZord he reveals its Mega Mode which easily overwhelms the monster (smashing its sword with a Battle Disc) and destroying the Papyrox with it's Battle Disk Scattershot attack. Something Fishy

The second Papyrox appears alongside some Moogers and a pair of Spitfangs. The Moogers stand around and fight whereas the Spitfangs stand back and act as the primary defenders of the Papyrox. Mia formed the Samurai Megazord, Antonio called upon the Clawzord and formed the Claw Battlezord, and Jayden called forth his Bullzord. The Samurai Megazord then lands atop it and they begin cutting down the Moogers. Once the Moogers are dealt with, the Spitrfangs badly damage the Megazord with their fireballs so Jayden forms the Bull Megazord and, although the Spitfangs desperately fire, the Megazords knock back their fireballs by punching them. The Papyrox and its Spitfangs are then destroyed by a combination of the Samurai Strike, the Double Katana Strike, and the Revolving Laser Blaster. He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother

The third Papyrox appears alongside another pair of Spitfangs after the death of Maldan and the apparent failure of Serrator's scheme. Like before, it personally commands the Spitfangs, However, the battle is much easier than the previous two since they have no Mooger support and this Papyrox appears to be much weaker than the first. While the Spitfangs are destroyed by the Claw Armor Megazord and it's Double Katana Strike the Papyrox remains but Jayden activates Shogun Mode and creates the Shogun Spear. He then orders "ultimate samurai combination" and the Rangers form the Samurai Gigazord. Although the Papyrox tries to fight back, it is easily overwhelmed by the formation and is quickly annihilated by the Shogun Strike. Trust Me

The fourth and fifth appear during the final battle with Serrator where they are destroyed by the Samurai Megazord's Samurai Strike and the Claw Battlezord Claw Pincer Slash. After that Serrator is defeated for good by the Samurai Shark Gigazord; with his demise, no more Papyroxes can be created. Stroke of Fate

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-The Papyroxes are the most powerful footsoldiers of Power Rangers Samurai with the first being able to rip apart the Battlewing Megazord and send the regular Megazord flying across thier battlefield with a single uppercut which also knocked off it's helmet.
  • Durability-The second Papyrox was hit full force by the deflected fireballs of it's Spitfangs but barely reacted and the third withstood the Gigazord's Tiger Drill Charge and Claw Pincer Slash with almost no harm done.
  • Footsoldier Summoning-The second Papyrux seemed to summon it's support if it's gesturing is anything to go by.
  • Energy Beam-The first Papyrox was able to fire a massive light-blue beam from it's forehead. This was it's strongest attack as a single blast took down all five Rangers and a continuous stream ripped apart the Battlewing Megazord and forced it back into the Samurai Megazord.


  • Sword-The Papyroxes carry long, serrated swords with the majority of the blade divided in two, like a pair of scissors, that they can use to hack and slash their enemies.
    • Weapon Catching-The division down its centre is apparently used to trap other weapons as seen when it caught the Battlewing Megazord's sword in between the halves of the blade.
  • Sword Hands-Rather than wielding its own sword, the Papyrox instead can have blades resembling their swords in place of its hands. The fourth one also had similar claws when it was deployed with the fifth, showing that this is a design decision from Serrator and not just random happenstance.


  • The first Papyrox is the only monster to be destroyed by the Samurai Lightzord.
  • If they count as monsters, the secpnd and third Papyroxes are one of only two/three monsters to utilise the Spitfangs as direct forms of assault by groping them, the first beingArachnitor.
  • Although the first two Papyroxes are completely silent aside from random bug like noises, the third Papyrox grunts a lot when he is hit. Although it is unconfirmed, the grunts were likely provided by Michael Morris seeing as his grunts and groans were identical to Maldan's from the same episode. This would also fit in with Samurai's major problem of low budget since they could have him do both roles in the same recording session.
    • Alternatively, they may have just reused the same grunts Maldan made when he died and overlayed them on the footage.
      • However, since this is unconfirmed, this isn't counted as a performance.
  • No human-sized Papyroxes were made and thus it is unknown if Serrator can make any non-giant ones.
    • As such, they are the only monster or footsoldier to be giant by default in either season of Power Rangers Sanurai.
  • The Papyroxs' serve as the "monster" antagonists of both "Something Fishy" and "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother" since both episodes don't otherwise have monsters.

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