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Kami Jigen (カミジゲン Kamijigen)

Character History

Stopping the Jetmen from assuming fighting form, Kami Jigen overpowers them until he runs off as he couldn't tolerate the music of the ocarina played by one of the images he brought to life, a painting by artist Shuichiro Mabuki of his late daughter Shizuko. Because she was created with passion, "Shizuko" was immune to Kamijigen's control as it is sent after her upon being considered a threat by Tran. But Ryuu comes to "Shizuko"'s aid, with the others covering their escape. After leaving "Shizuko" by her father's bedside, Red Hawk returns to the fight with Kami Jigen regaining the upper hand until Shizuko holds the monster at bay with her music. But when he killed her to stop the music, an enraged Red Hawk goes wild on Kami Jigen before using the Fire Bazooka to kill him. Though revived by his Dimensional Bug, Kami Jigen is destroyed by Jet Icarus.


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Originally an origami infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug on its left shoulder, Kami Jigen has the power to bring images and sheets of paper to life and have them attack people.

Behind the Scenes



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