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""You destroyed my shiny armor! Oh, the shame!""
―Final words before his death[src]
Pangolin rinshi

Pangolin is a Rinshi Beast who Holds the spirit of the Pangolin (A Chinese anteater with scales sharper than knives) who rolls upwards and has an supposedly impenetrable shell. He woks for Dai Shi and Camille. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Way of the Master".


Pangolin was utilized by Dai Shi and Camille after the defeat of Five Fingers of Poison. Pangolin possessed extremely durable armor and could turn into armor ball and attack his opponents. Pangolin attacked Ocean Bluff and encountered the Rangers. He easily defeated the heroes on the ground and then enlarged abd defeated Jungle Pride Megazord. Pangolin possessed the ability to fell out fault lines and ground instability. Pangolin later returned to the city with Camille and was ordered by Dai Shi to find out the weak place in tectonic of the city and summon Volcanno Eruption. Pangolin turned into ball and started digging, until Lily interrupted and stopped him with Jungle Mace and eventually broke his armor. Then Pangolin enlarged and now fought with Jungle Pride Megazord combined with Elephant Power. Pangolin was finally destroyed by Megazord with New Elephant Mace.

Pangolin was later revived for the game show "Blow That Dough" where he, Buffalord, and Slickagon competed against the Rangers. He was turned into a ball and destroyed again by Camille after he failed to answer a question.Don't Blow That Dough


Pangolin was headstrong, arrogant and prideful Rinshi, who considered himself the best. He was very careful towards his armour and was extremely scary when it was damaged. But he is also loyal to Dai Shi and Camille. He also enjoys playing games.

Powers and Abilities

Pangolin Spirit: Pangolin's fight style involves curling into a ball and trampling the enemies, as well relying on his natural armor to resist attacks. He also can use his prehensile tongue to find and tap into fault lines in order to cause earthquakes and he can use earthquakes to by using his armour to drill underground toward the fault lines.

  • Rolling, Attack
  • Pangolin Technique
  • Pangolin Rolling Attack
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Tectonic Feeling
  • Digging
  • Enlarging


  • Armour

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