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Pangaea (パンゲア Pangea) is an ancient civilization which existed 600 million years in the past; it is the civilization which devised the concept of Superpower as well as multiple factors which would affect the battle of the Ohranger, including the ancient hero Riki, the knight warrior Gunmazin and the robotic being who would become Emperor Bacchus Wrath, the originator of the Machine Empire Baranoia.


The Pangaea civilization existed 600 million years before the modern invasion of Baranoia. The civilization was much more advanced than modern civilization due to their ability to manipulate a special energy known as Superpower, which gave them advanced technology to empower machines and weapons much more advanced than what humanity was able to reach in modern times. Living alongside the Dorin, which could manipulate the power freely without any need for technology, they gained the ability to manipulate Superpower through the construction of a special "tetrahedron", which allowed for them to draw their power from nature and awaken and utilize the ancient power. Their ruins suggest connections that would precede various other civilizations of the ancient past, such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, and ancient Japan.

In the past prior to the machine rebellion, there existed an ancient wish-granting tiki known as Gunmazin; though powerful for his ability to grant wishes to whomever controlled him via his key, he was only known as a legend lost in time.Ep. 37: I am Gunmazin

As part of their ancient developments, the humans of Pangaea developed a corp of machines to assist in their civilization. However, the machines possessed sentience and believed themselves to be superior to the humans that created them. With the assistance of Riki, a legendary child-like hero, the Pangaeans held off and were able to defeat the machines, with only one able to escape from the Earth forces to spend the next hundreds of millions of years rebuilding.

After the defeat of the machine armies and fearful of the potential of the escapee's return, the civilization locked Riki and one of the Dorin away within the fortress King Pyramider, which flew into a space-time warp protecting them while in a state of suspended animation until the time they were to fight once again.

The knowledge of Pangaea and Superpower ultimately became lost to time until the discovery of an ancient slab containing the secrets of Superpower discovered in the modern age, allowing for the secret development of a new Tetrahedron and for the development of the United Airforce's Ohranger squadron to face the new Baranoia threat.


  • In actual Earth history, the supercontinent Pangaea would not form until 335 million years in the past; which is much more recent than the Pangaea depicted in Ohranger. However, two super-continents did exist 600 million years ago around the time of the stated "Pangaea" of the series: Gondwana and Pannotia, both formed during the Pan-African orogeny.
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