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Pandora's Box


Pandora's Key

  • Hazard Level: 8000; presently 0 after being emptied of its contents by Gajya.

As revealed in Greek mythology, Pandora's Box (パンドラの函 Pandora no Hako) was the box that possessed all of the evil and darkness in the world, released when the naïve Pandora opened it with Pandora's Key (パンドラの鍵 Pandora no Kagi).

This Precious was separated between key and box, to prevent either from being near one another so the box would not open again. Ryuuwon tracks down the key and takes it in a desperate attempt to find one more Precious to allow him to have power long enough until he regained the Egg of Lemuria, but Gajah steals it from him using enhanced powers tied to three Gordom Engines within his own body, with his own idea of using the box to "destroy all Precious". Once he tracks down the box, he opens it and sucks in all of the darkness within, before using it alongside the Gordom Engines to create his most powerful minion: Desperado, named as such due to "despair" being the last thing to leave Pandora's Box. Task 47: The Box of Despair

Desperado had enough power to hold off the Boukengers while Gajah reclaimed and absorbed the Heart of Gordom within the wreckage of the SGS's Precious Bank, leaving it to find the Brain of Gordom which was stored elsewhere. The Boukengers, evicerated due to Masumi's abandonment of the team and Akashi's believed death in a final battle with Ryuuwon, tried to hold on even as SGS shut down all Parallel Engines for their powers due to Gajah's ability to absorb the Precious energy within them. Ultimately, Masumi's return finally allowed for the team to stand up to Desperado, with multiple attacks of the Dual Crusher's Drill Head finally appearing to destroy the "darkness". Although Gajah tried to revive it and make it grow, Akashi's return with DaiVoyager allowed for the team to defeat the monster of Pandora's Box with the combination of their mech and Zubaan. Task 48: The Fearsome High Priest Last Task: The Endless Adventure Spirits

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