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Palm Tree Bōma (ヤシノミボーマ Yashinomi Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Boma Doctor Lehda.

Character History

Palm Tree Boma was a Boma Beast who had assisted in the Boma/human wars 20,000 years earlier with his entire clan before they were all sealed within coconuts on a South Seas island. The lead Palm Tree Boma drifted out to sea where he remained sealed until he drifted onto Namegawa Island park, where both Lehda and a Polynesian festival conducted at the park removed the seal and allowed him to attack once again. Using his powers, he hoped to create special totem poles out of humans to summon all of the Palm Tree Boma clan and to unseal them so that he can create a massive Boma invasion to crush humanity.

Even with the intervention of the Turboranger at the park, Palm Tree Boma was able to create the necessary totem poles while using the Polynesian festival, including rhythmic drumming and hula dancers, to conduct the ceremony for bringing his clan back. The Turboranger face him down once again, with Red Turbo stripping him naked with a Combination Attack before destroying him with the V-Turbo Bazooka. After he is resurrected as a giant by Zulten, the Turboranger finish him off with Turbo Robo's Turbo Cannon.


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His main ability is to use his own magic to turn humans into masks, which he then sets up on special totem poles to conduct a ceremony for the resurrection of the entire Palm Tree Boma clan, these masks drain the energy from humans and will kill them if destroyed; he can also fire energy attacks and spikes from his body.

Behind the Scenes


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