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Paleolith Basra (キューセッキーバスラ Kyūsekkī Basura) was a Paleolithic stone tool-themed Basra Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim. It was released by the invasion gate created from the dark energy gathered by Neanderthal Jamen.


After Galza revealed Smog Jouki to the Kiramagers, Emperor Yodon became worried that this new plan to get them out of the way would fail miserably. To appease his master, Carantula sent Paleolith Basra to Earth to soften then up to make it easier for Galza to kill them. Upon arriving on Earth, Paleolith Basra immediately crushed a building into rubble but the Mashin soon arrived and they formed Kiramaizin. They easily got a hit in with the Jetter Sword but Paleolith Basra blocked a second and smacked them back before hounding them from behind. Although a smack from the Shovellow arm knocked it back, it wrapped Kiramaizin up with its tusks which forced Juru to leave and rescue Princess Mabushina from Galza in disguise. After a massive fight, Kiramaizin was able to break free and interrupt the fight, forcing Galza to summon Smog Jouki before Juru rejoined the others in their Giant Robo. Paleolith Basra joined the fight between Smog Jouki and Kiramaizin but got in the way of its Burn Blacker attack when it tried to wrestle the Mecha into oblivion. Enraged, Galza deemed Paleolith Basra an imbecile and swiftly delivered a beatdown to the Jamen Beast with his more powerful Mashin. Paleolith Basra put up a good fight but was ultimately no match and was finished off by a massive energy slash from Smog Jouki's tail which knocked it over backwards and destroyed it.


As with all Jamen Beasts, Paleolith Basra was a very unintelligent and feral monster who spoke only in roars and trumpet sounds but was extremely violent.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Paleolith Basra was able to block a Jetter Sword swing and knock Kiramaizin back with a single swing.
  • Durability-Paleolith Basra easily shrugged off a hit from the Jetter Sword as well as the Black Burning and several hits from the Smog Jouki.


  • Stone Tusks: Paleolith Basra had a pair of stone tusks on the sides of its mask which could wrap around its opponents.
    • Restraints-Using its rope-like tusks, Paleolith Basra effortlessly crushed a building and prevented Kiramaizin from fighting it.


  • Height: 46.3 m
  • Weight: 1623.2 tons
  • Dark Beast: Basra
  • Concept art

    Jamen: Paleolith


  • Paleolith Basra is the Jamen Beast with the following factors:
  • A paleolith (or paleolithic) is an archaic word for a stone relic of the Paleolithic era (also called the Old Stone Age).
  • Its name is derived from a type of fish called a bass.


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