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The PaleoMax Megazord is Ranger Red's personal Dino-themed Megazord.

Zord Configuration


The Paleozord.

The Paleozord was originally built at the Alphabet Soup compound by Doctor K, and was one of her earliest creations alongside Venjix. Due to being based on extinct creatures, the Zord could not sync up properly with the Bio Field and was never supposed to see the light of day, although it was accidentally unleashed by Corinth's military. While the city's military was out looking for her while she was on the run, the Zord and its components began wildly running about. After Colonel Truman found out where Doctor K was, he allowed her to finish the Paleozord modifications, giving Ranger Operator Series Red the ability to control it. The Zord can convert to the PaleoMax Megazord.

Megazord Configuration

PaleoMax Megazord is formed when the Paleozord reconfigures from its standard train formation. The Mammoth serves as the main torso, the T-rex serves as the right leg, and the Triceratops serves as the left leg. Ancient History The PaleoMax is extremely powerful, and it also has the ability to shoot out a gust of cold air from the Mammoth nose, which is a temperature cold enough to freeze magma. However, it was deleted by Venjix along with Gem and Gemma in the final episodes. Danger and Destiny

RPM Ultrazord

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The RPM Ultrazord is a combination of all 12 Zord Attack Vehicles, piloted by the seven Ranger Operators. The combination is simple: PaleoMax Megazord's chest parts attach to SkyRev Megazord's. The tusks of the Mammoth Zord adhere to the back of SkyRev Megazord's head, creating a bigger helmet-piece. PaleoMax's body splits in two, attaching as leg pieces between the High Octane Megazord legs and Croc Carrierzord feet parts. The Tail Spinner and Wolf Cruiser are then stored inside those two pieces, allowing the other two trains to attach in their place as the new formations arms. The Lion Hauler gains face armor. Beyond A Doubt

It stands at a remarkable 93m tall, making it the largest RPM Megazord combination made.


  • Unlike their Sentai counterparts, the Engines, the Zord Attack Vehicles are not sentient.
  • The PaleoZord is considered one Zord in Power Rangers, but in Go-onger it is three separate entities.
  • The design of the Paleomax is a homage to the Megazord



The PaleoMax Megazord in Retrofire style.


Toy exclusive zord for the micro zord toy line.

  • Bandai America released their own version as the deluxe version, differing in many ways from the Bandai Japan release.
  • A Micro Zords version was also released, which included a bonus zord.
  • A Retrofire Megazord was also released, aside from all the other RPM Megazords in the new stylized motif. RPM is the only series with more than one Megazord, and a complete set at that.

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