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Pain is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

An alien from the planet Picta who was part of an attempt to assassinate Bazoo using the special ability of the race: creating curses on those drawn by them by way of drawing implements coated in their own blood, then controlling any calamity that can occur with their "Pain Wave", where they pass over a drawing made with intense emotion with their hand allowing the curse both to appear on the drawing and occur to the person in the drawing in real life. Bazoo allows him out of a space prison under the condition of going to Earth to use his art power to cause chaos and destruction to the humans there. Pain and Shiima use the ability on several boxes of crayons handed out to children, one of which was by a girl who was friends with Shou giving them the chance to attack a Changeman member with the ability. Though the girl nearly gives up drawing after seeing the problems caused by her art, Shou and the Changeman use her in a scheme to defeat Pain by having Sayaka complete one of her drawings to allow for a Pain Wave to occur, but then defeating the Pain Wave by tricking Pain into thinking it would succeed. (they place Shou near a cliff, which the Pain Wave causes an explosion behind him that Shou defeats by tethering himself to prevent himself from fully falling off) Aside from the Pain Wave, Pain also can use projectile bombs, tentacles from his own body, as well as a Pain Smog to block view and the ability to breathe fire. Destroyed by the Power Bazooka, then killed after a short fight with the Change Robo.Ep. 28: The Cursed Crayons


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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