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"Dino Charger, Ready! Summon Pachy Zord!"
―Phillip summoning the Pachy Zord[src]

The Pachy Zord is the personal Zord of the Graphite Ranger. It possesses the spirit of the Pachycephalosaurus that was given the graphite Energem 65 million years ago, just before Sledge's ship tractor beam was disabled when his ship was bombed and the meteors therein caused the dinosaur extinction.


Appearances: DC Episodes 15, 17, 19-21, DSC Episodes 1, 5, 7-8, 13-14, 16, 18-19


Finisher attack.

The Pachy Zord is only one of two Zords in Dino Charge to have its own personal finishing attack (the other being the T-Rex Zord). Its finisher consisted of dislodging its tail-ball from atop its head, swinging it around three times, and then flinging it forth. It would fly towards the enemy, smashing through a lot of concrete that was in front of it for some reason, and slam into the middle of the monster. The Zord would then about face and replace the tail on its head, the monster falling over and exploding behind it. This was performed only once, in the episode "Rise Of A Ranger " to destroy a Vivizord since the Rangers were too busy fighting G-BO and an army of Vivix .

Additional Formations

When integrated into the Dino Charge Megazord, the Pachy Zord takes the place of the left arm and functions as a wrecking ball. Same happens with the Ptera Charge Megazord and/or the Plesio Charge Megazord.

Dino Charger

Pachy Charger


Purple Pachy Zord

  • The Power Rangers Dino Super Charge toyline includes a purple palette swap version of this zord.
  • In the show "Pachy" is pronounced as "Pack-a"
    • The original grey version was initially available under the Dino Charge toyline, but due to shipment schedules received a very short run. As such, they are difficult to find and often times expensive when purchased online. Fortunately, the grey version later became available along with the Ankylo Zord and Spino Zord as a Toys R Us exclusive pack. It was also rereleased as part of the Dino Supercharge toyline in new packaging but otherwise the same.
    • This palette swap in turn makes it similar looking to the Cephalazord from Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which is also themed after a Pachycephalosaurus.

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