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Original form

"Rangers! Step right up and try your luck! Hey, let’s play."
―Pachinko Head’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Hey Rangers, you know what they say? All work and no play makes for a very dull day."
―Pachinko Head when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"Lord Zedd my boy, thanks for the toy."
―Pachinko Head when catching Zedd's Growth Bomb.[src]

"Ah ha! You're back already, huh?"
―Pachinko Head when confronted by the Thunder Megazord and final words before his death.[src]

Pachinko Head was a pachinko machine monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode " Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun."


When Rocky enjoys playing Ernie's new play Pachinko game a bit to much, Lord Zedd casts a spell on it which causes Rocky to have an unhealthy addiction to having fun. His plan is to leave Rocky so carefree and annoying that the others will be at such a significant disadvantage that Zedd can easily destroy them and conquer Earth. Rocky thinks only about games but the others pick up on this as Zedd deploys to conquer the Earth in Serpentera so Zedd attacks them with the Putty Patrol after which he turns the automate into Pachinko Head, who possesses a playful and mischievous personality and always speaks in rhymes. Zedd creates his monster immediately in front of the Power Rangers who have just defeated the Putties. The Rangers morph when he charges at them but Rocky starts running up and down doing the stereotypical Native American war cry as he thinks this is fun or something. With the Rangers gawking at thier enchanted friend, Pachinko Head compliments his fun loving attitude but then turns Billy, Kimberly and Aisha into softball-sized pachinko balls. Though Adam Tommy manage to dodge his attack, Pachinko Head and Rocky play improvised football before Rocky and Adam also become pachinko balls. Before he can transform Tommy however, the Ranger distracts him with a frisbee which he chases after and allows Tommy to escape with the Ranger pachinko balls.

Tommy brings his transformed friends back to the Command Center and Alpha seeks out a way to revert the Rangers to their normal states. However, Pachinko Head has re-aooeared in the fairgrounds and is causing the rides to go haywire so Tommy is forced to face him alone. At this point, Zedd throws a Growth Bomb which Pachinko Head catches and thanks Zedd for before detonating it before he and Tommy taunt each other. Tommy summons his White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode but the monster defeats him with a devastating fireball blast. Meanwhile, Alpha fortunately finds a way to save the Rangers and revert them to their normal states (also breaking Zedd's spell in the process) and they go to aid Tommy. Rocky summons his Red Dragon Thunderzord and jump kicks Pachinko Head but he lands back on his feet. However, the other Rangers form the Thunder Megazord which excites Pachinko Head as he has someone new to fight. However, the Thunder Megazord easily punches him down with five hits and is finally able to obliterate Pachinko Head with the Thunder Saber.


Despite Pachinko Head's destruction, Zedd successfully arrives in Serpentera and fought the Red Dragon Thunderzord and Tor until a lack of power forces it to withdraw. After his destruction, Pachinko Head reverts back to his original form as the play automate and return to Ernie's bar.


Pachinko Head was a very playful, mischievous and overall funny creature who often spouted unfunny jokes and always spoke in rhymes whilst also being constantly full of energy. Initially acting like a funfair owner, peppy and asking the Rangers to "step right up" and "try thier luck", this was soon dropped in favor of being annoying.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power-Pachinko Head was a very strong monster, one of the strongest of the season in fact, as he managed to defeat five of the Rangers and later the White Tigerzord and Red Dragon Thunderzord. He was at least stronger than [[Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel]|Nimrod]] due to easily defeating the White Tigerzord but weaker than Four Head or Silver Horns as he was easily slain by the Thunder Saber.
  • Depth Perception: Pachinko Head had depth perception despite having just a single eye.
  • Speech: Pachinko Head was able to speak despite completely lacking a mouth.
  • Strength-Pachinko Head was able to take down a Ranger with a swing each and knock back the Red Dragon Thunderzord with just two punches.
  • Durability-Being based upon a large metal machine, Pachinko Head shrugged multiple kicks from the Red Dragon Thunderzord without reacting as well as multiple strikes from it's staff without being fazed.
  • Pachinko Ball Blasts-Pachinko Head could fire yellow energy beams from his right arm that turned the Rangers it hit into gigantic pachinko balls.
  • Machine Sabotage-Pachinko Head could make his eye shimmer with blue energy to cause rides to go berserk and work at amazing
  • Energy Fireball-Pachinko Head could fire a single large orange fireball from his eye. This was his strongest attack as it wiped out the White Tigerzord and knocked Tommy out of it with one hit.


  • Fists-Whilst lacking weapons, Pachinko Head was as great at using his fists as the Red Dragon was with it's staff.


  • Low Intelligence-Pachinko Head was about to turn Tommy into a giant pachinko ball but was so stupid that he fell for a frisbee trick which allowed him to escape with the other Ranger balls.
  • Vulnerability to Superior Strength: Although he was easily able to defeat the White Tigerzord and Red Dragon Thunderzord, Pachinko Head was no match for the Thunder Megazord which easily took down and destroyed him.

Behind the Scenes


  • Pachinko Head was voiced by Michael Sorich using an extremely upbeat and bubbly voice.


  • Pachinko Head didn't fight the White Tigerzord in Dairanger, instead immediately fighting the Red Dragon Thunderzord with the "battle! being comprised of stock shots and also being why the "fight" is only one attack long.
    • This was presumably changed to give the impression that Tommy was at least trying to combat the monster instead of just standing around waiting for the others to arrive.
  • The episode cuts out footage of Pachinko Head recovering from the Red Dragon Thunderzord's staff swing kick attack and then blasting the Zord with an energy blast which also cuts out some buildings exploding. Instead, it cuts from him recovering to the Red Dragon delivering a beat-down with its staff which immediately followed up the blast in Dairanger.
    • It is unclear why this was cut but it was probably for pacing reasons to keep up the action of the fight.
  • In Dairanger, Pachinko Head proved immune to Dairen'oh's punches but tripped and was subsequently killed by being crushed to death under Daijinryuu's foot.
    • Daijinryuu was adapted as Serpentera although, unlike his PR counterpart, he was an intergalactic peacekeeping god (the footage previously used for him destroying the Sword of Light's home planet coming from an assault on the Dairanger villain base.)
      • This was all changed to him being destroyed by the Thunder Megazord presumably because it would make no sense for Zedd to kill his own monster for no reason.

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