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"Now I have the upper hand! My fists will flatten you for sure!"
―Pacha Chamak after being enlarged by the Maximizers.[src]
"This isn't good."
―Pacha Chamak's final words before his death.[src]

Pacha Chamak is an Incan-themed Armada martial artist with the power to use magnetic fields around him to steal weapons.

Character History

Pacha Chamak was sent to defeat the Mega Rangers, by the Armada Empire's order, stealing the Rangers weapons, in the process. He then returned to the Armada Mothership, to celebrate his victory, while to his annoyance Vekar calling him "Pacha Backpack". While Jake Holling and Emma Goodall are training with Casey Rhodes, Troy Burrows, Noah Carver, and Gia Moran fight off Pacha Chamak, yet again, only this time, they do it with their Jungle Fury and Wild Force keys. Jake and Emma return to help them, with their newly developed animal spirits, thus defeating him in the process. The Armada, by way of Levira, gives him a second chance and makes him grow huge. As the rangers are giving everything they have, the Jungle Fury keys activate, allowing them to use the combined animal spirits, and the Legendary Megazord's power, to destroy him for good.


  • Pacha Chamak is voiced by Peter Daube who also voiced Robtish three years before.
    • Pacha Chamak's voice is identical to Robtish's lbeit with a less cartoonish Scottish accent.


He is self confident, to the point of cocky, and is skilled in cosmic kung-fu. He has a sense of honor in him, but doesn't show mercy. He repeatedly steals the Rangers' weapons, justifying his actions by claiming that the Rangers should only fight him hand-to-hand.

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