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"Big success! Papa! Pappara-pappa-papapa!"
―PP Rappa's first words upon being spotted by the Carrangers whilst he fled from his latest victims.[src]

"You're here finally. The numbers on 'the Earsh' are a little too well behaved. So I, PP Rappa, the best wizard of numbers came here to make them misbehave. Were going to take over the 'Earsh' whilst the humans are panicking!"
―PP Rappa when confronted by the Carrangers and after Kyosuke demanded to know what he was playing at.[src]

"I really didn't know about your weight scale!"
―PP Rappa's final words before his death.[src]

PP Rappa (PPパパラッパ PaPa Rappa, 11)


The Bowzock's best mathemagician who was sent to Earth to wreck the stock market and cause mass hysteria which would allow the Bowzock to invade. PP Rappa first arrived on Earth but was soon spotted by the Carrangers. The team catch up to Rappa, and a brief scuffle leads to Pink Racer landing on his chest: he calls Pink Racer heavy, which leads her to falsely assume she's growing fat, and escapes only after she furiously decks him in the nose. After being laughed at by his peers, Rappa vows vengeance against the Carrangers who humiliated him. Grotch provides assistance by gifting him with a battery-powered backpack, which amplifies his powers and grants the ability to use Number Bombs. With this, he proceeds to mess with the numbers on a speedometer belonging to a passing bus, which is barely stopped by the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Racers (Pink Racer is not present at first, due to dealing with weight concerns), who challenge Rappa. Though he overpowers the four Carrangers on his own, an irate Youko arrives, believing Rappa screwed up her scale with his magic and made her think she was fat. She then reveals herself as Pink Racer as she gives him the beating of a lifetime, which ends with him being thrown into the sea. Getting back up, Rappa denies having done anything to a weight-scale, but assumes it doesn't really matter.

Eating Imo-youkan, Rappa battles RV Robo, using numbers 1 and 2 to create objects shaped like the numbers in question. His #1 turns into a lighthouse which acts as a cannon, and a #2-shaped duck is used to blast RV Robo with a sonic wave. However, upon using the number 3 to create a baby's ear, it does no good. This gives the Carrangers the opening they need, proceeding to sock Rappa in the face before calling for the RV Sword. Rappa can only scream that he really didn't know about the weight scale, right as he is finished off and slain by the Reckless Dash Cut.


PP Rappa is actually quite smart for a Gorotsuki (maybe on the same level as the brainy TT Terurin who came later), being a mathemagician. However, he is also very rude, such as mocking Youko for her weight concerns and also quite cowardly for a space biker, running away after a mere hit on the nose from the same Carranger. He also despises Earth numbers because he feels they are too orderly.

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PP Rappa wield a Magic Number Staff, which allows him to play havoc by manipulating numbers. This includes changing those in transfer check amounts and the price of items in stores. Grotch later gives him a power-up backpack, which amplifies his powers a great deal (enough to change the numbers on vehicles' speedometers, which he originally could not do), and grants him the ability to use Number Bombs.

Behind the Scenes



  • His motifs are that of a scholar and a calculator.

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