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"Hello! Pardon me!"
―PP Chiipuri's first wordswhen arriving in Imocho and moving past a customer.[src]
"Oh please, don't.....please!"
―PP Chiipuri reacting to VRV Robo's cannons and his final words before his death.[src]

PP Chiipuri (プリプリチープリ PuriPuri Chīpuri, 38)

Character History

Bowzock's best make-up artist. He was sent by Exhaus to make the owner of Imocho young again with youth cream supplied by Exhaus to allow for him to continue making the Growing the Monsters#Carranger|imo-youkan they needed for growth (since he was exhausted and was thinking of closing the shop due to his age). Signalman became involved upon noticing PP Chiipuri as he knew that a Gorotsuki on Earth could only mean trouble. However, Signalman was also affected by the youth cream and temporarily became a child, thus bringing PP Chiipuri into conflict with the Carrangers. They nearly killed him but Zelmoda returned in Norishiron 12 and forced the Carrangers and Signalman instead. Chiipuri soon grew midway through the fight but, instead of being a benefit, Chiipuri accidentally destroyed Norishiron by using the youth cream on it, turning it back into its original cardboard form. Now alone, Sirender disarmed him and Chiipuri was slain by VRV Robo's Victory Twister.


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Modus and Arsenal

PP Chiipuri never displays any superpowers but does have a cream that reduces the age of anything it hits.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is that of a makeup artist.
  • His name is a pun on the word Pretty (Puriichi).
  • He is the only Gorotsuki with no special powers beside his special cream.

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