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Character History

This Nezire could hypnotize people and blind/blast them with harsh rays from his large eyes. FukurouNezire infiltrates Gojounin Academy's Digital Research to brainwash the genius students through their monitors and have them build digital blueprints for a weapon of mass destruction, which he builds within the school's basement. Investigating the school as a favor to his friend Souichi, who is possessed by the Nezire Beast, Shun uncovers FukurouNezire's plan and fakes being hypnotized to sabotage the weapon. Enraged at being tricked, Fukurou Owl battles the Megarangers until they defeat him with the Digital Formation. After being bitten by Bibidebi and bursting out the school, FukurouNezire battles Galaxy Mega. Improvising a counter-attack, Mega Blue places a mirror coating on Galaxy Mega's Mega Shield to deflect the attack back at Nezire Beast's eyes before the robot uses the Mega Dash Cutter attack to finish him off.


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Modus and Arsenal

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