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"Now...let's get cooking! (さあ はじめるか!ハァッ! Sā hajimeru ka! Haa'!)"
―The Oven Jamen's first words when arriving in front of an office building with the Freezer Jamen.[src]

"The blazing infernal mask! Oven Jamen! (あつほのお仮面カメン!チーン!オーブン邪面ジャメン Atsuki honō no kamen! Chīn! Ōbun Jamen!)"
―Oven Jamen's roll call.[src]

"Time to bake you to a crisp! (さあ おまえまとめてきろ! Sā omae-ra matomete moetsukiro!)"
―The Oven Jamen when confronted by four Kiramagers.[src]

"Whether there's four of five of you doesn't make a difference! (4人よんにん5人ごにんになってもわらんわ! Yon-nin ga go-nin ni natte mo kawaran wa!)"
―The Oven Jamen reacting to all five Kiramagers.[src]

"Cold Hot Dagames... Avenge me--! (レーネツダガメスよ!せめておれかたきを…! Rēnetsu Dagamesu yo! Semete ore no kataki wo…!)"
―The Oven Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Oven Jamen (オーブン邪面 Ōbun Jamen) is an oven-themed red body Jamenshi of Dark Empire Yodonheim, whose dark energy was used to release Cold Hot Dagames along with his younger brother, Freezer Jamen.


Hot Cold Dagames was ready to be deployed but, due to being the most powerful Jamen Beast up to that point, required twice as many Jamenshi to summon it so the Oven and Freezer Jamen were created to gather fear to release it.

The Oven Jamen and his brother arrived in front of an office building and created a massive heatwave in the building, quickly forcing them out and making the building explode. He and his brother confronted the Kiramagers and did their roll call before the Kiramagers transformed and did one of their own. Oddly, he jump kicked and ruffed the Freezer Jamen for stealing his head away after using his freeze attack which, unbeknownst to them or the Kiramagers, Galza saw. Deciding to take advantage of the infighting, the Kiramagers attacked with Sayo, Tametomo, and Shiguru taking on the Oven Jamen. He was initially overwhelmed but the fact that Sena and Juru were losing to his brother enabled the Oven Jamen to gain the upper hand. He then tried to kill them with his fire breath but Sena intervened and protected them with her Kiramai Shield. Although his brother was able to freeze Juru's Kiramai Shot to his hand and nearly finish him off, the Oven Jamen hit the weapon with his flame breath, unfreezing it and allowing him to blast the Freezer Jamen down. He announced that he wanted to kill them but Galza intervened before he and his brother could fight again. He delivered a beating to the Oven Jamen and scolded him for being so petty before forcing both of them to withdraw in Smog Jouki with him.

Shortly thereafter, the three were in an alley and both Oven and Freezer were fighting again until Oven was thrown off by Galza. The duo later went to Sector M97 (a construction sight) and devastated it with thier elemental attacks until the Kiramagers showed up again. He recognised the Disguestigold that Freezer had (given by Galza) and was impressed by it and his enhanced freeze attack and fought him over half. Freezer refused to give some to his brother and consumed all of it, allowing him to freeze the Kiramagers up to thier necks and completely freeze his brother. Although he claimed that he would take the glory instead of Oven, his brother was freed when the Disgustigold became too much for him and the ice vanished before Galza arrived and he revealed that they had colluded to kill him since the Oven Jamen was far more capable. Once his brother was slain by Galza, the two retreated whilst Cold Hot Dagames was deployed into the city. Episode 7: Training For You

Although it thrashed the Mashin, Hot Cold Dagames had run out of power and needed to recharge so the Oven Jamen was once again sent into the city. He attacked a plaza and unleashed devastating bouts of fire until the Kiramagers (bar Juru who was on a soul search) confronted him. Thier opening attack was a volley of lasers from the Kiramai Shots but they had no effect since he deflected them. He was surprised by Juru's absence but took them down with his Well Done Burst and overwhelmed them whilst Galza attacked Juru and Princess Mabushina. He eventually managed to demorph them all just as Hot Cold Dagames arose and preared to finish them off with his Well Done Burst. Luckily, before he could do so, Mashin Express piloted by Juru arrived and blasted both him and the Jamen Beast down. However, he quickly recovered after Sena apologised to Juru so they transformed and did thier roll call although the Oven Jamen was unimpressed. He did his Well Done Burst but they dodged and Juru and Sena kicked him in the face before Shiguru took him down with multiple energy slashes from his Kiramai Sword. Sena, Shiguru, Sayo, and Tametomo then combined thier Kiramai Shots and Kiramai Swords to form the Kiramai Rush Stream and weaken the Jamenshi before Juru formed his Kiramai Buster and used his Dazzling Kiramai Charge to finish off the Oven Jamen once and for all. Episode 8: Express Lightning


The Oven Jamen was a very aggressive and loyal monster, remaining loyal to the Empire even after his brother's death. He was also extremely hostile towards his brother, outwardly fighting with him and the two may have battled each other to the death had Galza not intervened.

Powers and abilities

  • Durability-The Oven Jamen took a direct hit from Mashin Express' lasers (the same attack which took down Hot Cold Dagames) but was merely knocked down and multiple energy slashes from Shiguru's Kiramai Sword were shrugged off.
    • Stability-The Oven Jamen was double kicked in the face by Juru and Sena but remained standing.
  • Fire Breath: Oven Jamen can breathe fire from his mouth.
  • Heat Wave Generation: Literally the first thing that Oven Jamen did was create a massive heatwave in a building.
  • Well Done Burst: The Oven Jamen's signature attack where he can create a cube of fire to entrap his opponents and explode with enough force to take four Kiramagers down with one blast.
  • Deflection-The Oven Jamen is able to deflect energy blasts away with single swings of his hands, as seen when he knocked away the opening attack from the Kiramagers.


  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 170 kg
  • Jamen: Oven

Behind the Scenes


Oven Jamen is voiced by Yuji Ueda (うえだ ゆうじ Ueda Yūji), who previously voiced Destra Maajo in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger and Gummy from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode.


  • Oven Jamen is the first Jamenshi with the following factors:
    • He is the first oven-themed monster since Stove Shadow from Ressha Sentai ToQger.
    • Along with his brother, he is the first Jamenshi to have a known relative.
    • He is the first Jamenshi to survive his debut episode.
      • By extension, this makes him the first Jamenshi to be featured in two episodes.
    • He is the first fire elemental Sentai Monster of the Reiwa Era.
  • Oven Jamen's motif and appearance may have been partially inspired by Heat Miser from "The Year Without a Santa Claus."
    • Like Heat Miser, he has fire-based powers, as well as a brother who has ice-based powers.


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