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Oushi System

A holographic representation of the Oushi System as projected within the ORION.


The planet Dakao in the Oushi System.

The Oushi System (オウシ座系 Oushi-Za-Kei, Bull System) is the star system of origin of Champ and Dr. Anton. As one of the 88 Constellations, it is part of the space dominated by the Space Shogunate Jark Matter, with its power embodied by its very own legendary Kyutama and Voyager wielded by the native Kyuranger warrior.

The Oushi System contains the planet Cattlemi, from which the Earth Daikaan Yuterujan heralds from,[1] and Dakao, home to the Neo Kyutama Production Factory. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Champ was created by Dr. Anton to serve justice and oppose Jark Matter, following a directive to fight only to protect those in need. Tragically, Champ would see his creator murdered at the hands of a man from the Sasori System; Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star initially believed to be Stinger, Champ eventually learned that the assassin was Scorpio, Stinger's older brother who had became Jark Matter's Karo for the Sasori System. Space.13: Stinger's Challenge To His Brother!


The Oushi Kyutama (オウシキュータマ Oushi Kyūtama, lit. Bull Nine Ball) is the Kyutama which embodies the constellation Taurus. Awakened in the Oushi native Champ, it allowed him to become Oushi Black, granting him control of the Oushi Voyager.



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