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Our Hero is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It features the debut of Dino Fury Gold Ranger Blazing Battle Armor, the Invisi Dino Key, the Mist Dino Key and the Electro Zord.


Aiyon is given free ice cream as thanks for a heroic act, and the perks go to his head. When his Zord is captured, Aiyon learns what it means to be a real hero.


The Rangers are having a vacation day at the beach, with Aiyon citing the fun activities they can do such as surfing, diving, etc. Javi then told Aiyon about ice creams, which has the Rafkonian interested as there's no ice cream in Rafkon. Zayto added that they are delicious when he tried it a few days after he awakened. Javi immediately offered Aiyon to buy some ice cream from a nearby ice cream cart, which the latter accepted.

Meanwhile, Jane are buying two ice creams for her and J-Borg from said ice cream cart. The robot is unsure that eating ice cream is good for her systems, but Jane lightly told her to at least taste it a bit. J-Borg then tasted the ice cream and finds out that she liked it. She then take a big bite on the ice cream and swallowed it whole, which horrified Jane. After she swallowed the ice cream, J-Borg's systems suddenly experienced a malfunction as she had a "brain freeze", collapsing on Jane who falls back and proceed to tip off a customer behind her. This caused a domino effect that made the ice cream cart slides down the hill. Seeing the incoming cart, Javi and Aiyon quickly move out of the way (with the former saving a little girl). Aiyon then goes to stop the ice cream cart before it can hit two oblivious beachgoers using the cart's umbrella as emergency brake. Successful, Aiyon is praised by the ice cream vendor, who then gives him free ice cream for life as gratitude for his heroic act. This excites the Rafkonian. On the other hand, J-Borg managed to come back to her senses and feels a bit weird.

The Rangers would continue to enjoy their day at the beach, but a Sporix Cell suddenly emerged from the sands and hatched into Trawler, which caused a commotion on the beach. The Sporix Beast then proceed to capture several beachgoers using his net. Seeing this, the Rangers attempted to morph, but remembered that they can't do it in public so instead they morph in changing rooms. All six of them then take on Trawler, which Jane and J-Borg witnessed and immediately took a video of. The captured beachgoers asked the Rangers for help, which has Aiyon freeing them from the net. This caused the rescued beachgoers to ask Aiyon for a selfie.

Jane then moves closer to interview Aiyon, but this distracted him from the fight as the other Rangers are immediately captured by Trawler's net. J-Borg then points out the other five's predicament, which Aiyon notices. He then goes to help them and used Blazing Dino Key to summon Blazing Battle Armor, taking on Trawler while freeing his friends. Mucus immediately teleports down and recruited Trawler before leaving the scene. The other Rangers then reprimanded Aiyon for being distracted by praises from the civilians, but he told them to relax as he enjoyed them. He then goes back to have more selfies with the beachgoers.

In Area 62, Void Knight, Slyther and Mucus discuss Trawler's ability to spawn nets. Slyther finds it ridiculous, but Void Knight said that the Sporix Beast's ability could be useful. Mucus then shows them the breaking news from BuzzBlast about Gold Ranger's heroic acts. This gives Void Knight an idea.

Back in BuzzBlast, J-Borg reports to Jane about a flyer detailing a beach party to celebrate Power Rangers. Hearing this, the Rangers (especially Aiyon) are excited. However, Amelia says that they can't go as Rangers, with Javi adding that Void Knight could easily find them if they come to that party. Ollie then suggested that they go as normal civilians instead to keep an eye on situations while laying low.

The Rangers then attend the party as civilians, with Zayto reminding everyone to lay low. However, they don't notice that Trawler is in the backstage with Slyther, who then disguised himself as the party's MC. He immediately takes the stage and convinces the crowd to call for the Rangers. This caused Aiyon to be distracted and left the others silently, reappearing as the Gold Ranger a few moments later. The disguised Slyther then asks Aiyon to call his Zord, which makes the latter hesitate. Zayto is confident that he won't do it, but to his surprise, Aiyon called Mosa Razor Zord. This cues Trawler to capture the aquatic Zord, which he successfully completed. Satisfied, Slyther undid his disguise and attacks Aiyon, sending him to the ground before teleporting away with Trawler. The other Rangers tend to Aiyon, who is discouraged due to making a fatal mistake.

Elsewhere, Slyther is attempting to hypnotize Mosa Razor Zord into doing his bidding. Just as he is hypnotizing the Zord, Void Knight teleports down to ask about their progress. Slyther and Trawler then points Void Knight to the captured Zord, with the latter asking if it was the one who destroyed Wreckmate. Slyther confirms it as Void Knight told Trawler to distract the Rangers for a while before teleporting away.

In Dinohenge, a still discouraged Aiyon puts his Zord Key into the Zord Finder to locate Mosa Razor Zord. They managed to locate it on Albert Park, to which Solon informed to have recently received reports of Hengemen in that location through the Ranger Hotline. Aiyon doubts that he can go save his Zord due to Slyther's warning of destroying it if they do so, regretting his earlier actions. Zayto assures there would be a way before Javi suggested they use Invisi Dino Key. Just then, Solon received another Ranger Hotline report about Sporix Beast attack on the beach. The six Rangers then split up into two groups: Zayto, Ollie, Amelia and Izzy deal with the Sporix Beast, while Javi and Aiyon hatched a plan to rescue Mosa Razor Zord.

The four Rangers arrived at the beach as they morph and take on Trawler. Meanwhile, Javi and Aiyon arrived at Albert Park and find it heavily guarded by Hengemen. Javi then uses the Invisi Dino Key to stealthily take down the Hengemen, while Aiyon goes to confront Slyther. The robot then ask Mosa Razor Zord to attack him, but the hypnotism is revealed to fail as the Zord doesn't do his command. Annoyed, Slyther tried summoning the Hengemen to fight for him. However, he finds out that Javi had already destroyed them. This caused Slyther to be enraged as he proceeds to fight Aiyon. However, Javi arrived to help, maddening Slyther even more. Javi then requested Solon to send Dimetro Blazing Zord and uses the Hover Key to lift Mosa Razor Zord into the air, with Dimetro Blazing Zord freeing it.

On the other hand, the four Rangers witnessed Trawler going giant. Zayto then asks Solon to send in their Zords, forming Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation. However, the Rangers faced a problem when the Sporix Beast cast a net on the Megazord. Zayto immediately calls Javi and Aiyon for assistance, but Aiyon wants to show Slyther a Zord combination first (which he designed himself). The Mosa Razor Zord and Dimetro Blazing Zord combine to form the Electro Zord. The new Zord then zapped Slyther, who proceeds to teleport away. Aiyon immediately goes to help the others with Javi. Right in the nick of time, Electro Zord arrived to help Dino Fury Megazord, zapping the net capturing it but accidentally made it overheat. Javi, in response, uses Mist Dino Key to put out the fire. Trawler then goes underground to confuse the Megazord, but Electro Zord zapped the ground around it, causing the Sporix Beast to catch on fire. Javi and Aiyon then joined the others inside the Megazord, finishing Trawler with Tiger Mega Slash. Right after, Aiyon teleported out from the Megazord to capture Trawler's Sporix Cell.

Later on, the Rangers walked on the beach before Javi suggested they get ice cream from the ice cream cart. The vendor, recognizing Aiyon, tells him to get free ice cream ahead from the other customers, but he says that he now knows a hero doesn't need to be rewarded. He then volunteers to help the vendor, which has him picking ice cream flavor for a woman customer.


Dino Fury Keys


  • The Blazing Dino Key is red when it should be orange.
  • Izzy said Aiyon’s name with people watching and recording.
  • Javi did not get a Boost Sleeve when he used the Invisi Key.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 7
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 9
  • Aiyon reveals that ice cream did not exist on Rafkon.
  • Aiyon discusses all the things he loves about the Earth's Summer season. If this episode indeed takes place during Summer, as it seems to, that means about 8 months have passed between the events of Old Foes (Halloween, when Lord Zedd returned) and this episode.
  • Void Knight mentions and confirms Wreckmate's believed destruction from the previous episode.
  • When the Rangers are attending the beach party, a male member of the crowd remarks that he thinks the Gold Ranger is probably attractive, another instance of LGBTQ+ themes in the series.
  • Once Trawler enlarges himself, Izzy exclaims "Uh-oh! Did someone say they needed a bigger boat?" This is an allusion to a famous line from the 1975 film "Jaws", in which a character sees the large titular shark and says "You're gonna need a bigger boat."
  • Aiyon breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode by winking at the audience.

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