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Dinomaru (ダイノマル dainomaru) is an orange auxiliary OtomoNin modeled after a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


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Shurikenjin Dino

ShurikenJin Dino (シュリケンジンダイノ shurikenjindaino) is an alternate form of Shurikenjin formed when Dinomaru takes over Shinobimaru's place with the OtomoNin placed into the formation's right hand, while the giant OtomoNin Shuriken: Dino is placed on the head in place of the Shinobimaru one. This is performed when AkaNinger spins his OtomoNin Shuriken: Dino in the Ninja Ichibantou and the "Shuriken Dino Combination" is announced.

Additional Formations

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  • Dinomaru is a remold of Paonmaru with a drill for a tail.[1]


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