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"Now I'll crush you like we did your planet, Silver Ranger!"
―Osogain after being enlarged by the Maximizers.[src]

Commander Osogain is a horseshoe crab/rhinoceros-themed Armada Field Commander.


He was assigned by Damaras to set up a beachhead for to hunt down the Mega Rangers and their new ally. Later, his operation is met by Orion's arrival and had energized his Bruisers but were still no match for Orion and the Mega Rangers powered up by the Samurai Rangers Keys thus lead to his first defeat. Levira then Maximized him and his Bruiser forces to giant size, but then get defeated by the newly unleashed Q-Rex Megazord thus Orion earns a super mega win as he destroys him with a Final Strike.


Commander Osogain possesses impressive hand to hand combat along with energy surges that boosts his robot soldiers to increase their stats along with being a walking shield he can also fire dark energy spheres to attack his opponents.


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