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Osiris is a Cereberus-motif Phantom Beast Warrior who holds the spirit of the Dog.

Camille approached him, Sonimax, and Lepus in hopes of them giving her some of their Rinzin power, but they turned her down. Scorch and Snapper dispatch him, Sonimax, and Lepus to eliminate Camille. They overwhelmed her until Jarrod/Dai Shi arrived. He and Sonimax were destroyed in combat by Jarrod. Him and the other phantom beasts were revived by Dai Shi in the final battle between the rangers and their masters in Now the Final Fury. He was destroyed by the Jungle Fury Bat Ranger.


  • In ancient Egyptian mythology, Osiris was king of the underworld while Cerberus is a three-headed guardian dog of the underworld in Greek mythology. Despite these, he more closely resembles Anubis.
  • He’s the first Cerberus Themed Monster to appear in Power Rangers History

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