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"Super Megaforce Silver!"
―Orion's Silver Ranger roll call[src]
"Earth's defenders, Never Surrender! Super Megaforce Gold!"
―roll call as Super Megaforce Gold[src]

Orion is an alien from the planet Andresia, who crash-lands on Earth after his home planet was destroyed by the Armada. He later joins the Super Mega Rangers as the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger. By combining all his 6th Ranger Keys, he gains a power-up known as Super Megaforce Gold.

Character History

Early life

Orion was a miner on his home planet Andresia. He lived with his family at a village. One day during a mining session, he came across a hard crystal case which contained a box and the Silver Ranger Key. That was when Orion received visions of the Sixth Rangers. Knowing they were trying to tell him something, he still hesitated to use the equipment.

A week later, the Armada attacked, scattering the people of Andresia. An Armada ship then attacks a village, which was actually Orion's village. Fearing for his family's safety, Orion runs home, only to find his village destroyed. Wanting revenge, he succeeds in morphing into the Silver Ranger.


Andresia destroyed.

Orion stayed homeless for months, using that time to train and survive the invasion of the Armada. At this time, only a couple of Armada Ships guarded Andresia. Orion uses this chance to slingshot a ship, making it crash and wounding the pilot, who was then picked up, leaving the ship behind. It took Orion a long time to fix the Armada ship. Once he did, he headed out for outer space, and crash lands on Earth. Silver Lining

Orion space ship

Orion arrives on Earth.

On Earth

Since his arrival on Earth, he has been mysteriously taking out all the XBorg platoons that have been attacking the Warehouse District and Downtown. When it comes to the attack on the center of the city led by Gorgax, Orion shows up to help fight the XBorgs.

To survive in his new home planet, Earth, Orion works part-time at Ernie's. Gia got a first sight of him when they both accidentally bump into each other.

Orion later watches the Megaforce Rangers fight Gorgax with them being unaware that Levira has placed a bomb in his forcefield collar. Orion, in his Silver Ranger form, interferes before they can set off the bomb. After Orion throws Gorgax's collar into the sky where it explodes, Orion destroys Gorgax and introduces himself to the Rangers, but Gia recognizes him from having seen him in the mall and at Ernie's previously. Silver Lining, Part 1 Orion identifies himself to the rangers and tells his story.

Orion power rangers

Orion reveals himself to the Power Rangers.

He later is brought to Gosei where he continues to tell his backstory. Orion communicated with Tensou speaking Andresian. Later, thinking he needs work, Gia and Emma bring him to the mall for a makeover. He gets a haircut, and new clothes. Later, he battles Osogain with the rangers. He defeats him, which Osogain enlarges. Gosei then grants Orion the Q-Rex Drill, which he uses its alternate modes to defeat Osogain once and for all.

Unbeknownst to Ernie, Ernie introduces Orion to the Rangers, which then they treat him well. They ask to do stuff with him on Sunday. Orion promises them they will get the chance, and serves them their frozen yogurt. Silver Lining, Part 2 Orion develops a friendship with his fellow Rangers including attention from Gia which lead to some jealousy from Jake and Emma, who seems to have some affection towards him.

Maxresdefault (23)

Orion and Emma trick Desolar.

Orion and Emma teamed up to stop Vekar's monster, Desolar from stealing people happiness. Orion and Emma plan a fake wedding to lure Desolar to them which fails then Emma dressed up a cheerleader and tried to get the staff from Desolar but doesn't work as Orion was taking photos the whole time. Orion and Emma dressed up as Paramedics and Police Officers and they are again foiled by Desolar. Orion noticed a kid with a kite as he and Emma were looking for the monster. Emma and Orion fight Vekar's monster and Emma destroys his staff giving the people their happiness back and the monster escapes. Orion and his friends except Emma fought off Desolar destroying him. Orion and his friends combine the Legendary Megazord with the Q-Rex Megazord and they destroy the monster. Orion showed the photos he took of Emma during the day to his friends and he received a kite from Emma. Troy and the guys go to show Orion how to fly a kite with Emma's help from her Wind Drive card. United as One Orion was working at Ernie's during the Rangers first fight with Transferor and he later joined his friends destroying Transferer. Orion told his friends that he didn't hear their call for help because he was working on his ship. The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer

Orion and his friends were sent to the domed city, Corinth when there was a distress signal which was a trap sent by Professor Cog and they found the Turbo Falcon Zord and tamed the Zord thanks to Gia and they returned back home and destroyed Professor Cog. In the Driver's Seat Orion was kidnapped by Vrak to power his drills to destroy the Rangers by absorbing the Legendary Ranger powers in order to turn Robo Knight against the Rangers. Orion was saved by Robo Knight when Vrak's underwater base was destroyed leaving him on the beach unconscious, and the Rangers supposedly believed that Robo Knight was truly gone for good. Orion and the Rangers were battling a group of XBorgs with no one in command since the Armada was demolished. After the battle,Orion asked Troy if he wanted a piggyback ride like the others did the same for Emma and Gia, but Troy refused and they walk off together. Troy and Orion go to get tickets for a rock concert for them and their friends while having a discussion about the Armada. Orion and Troy talk about the rock concert with Orion telling Troy about working in the rock quarrey. Orion and Troy meet up with their friends encountering Damaras, who was supposedly the last two Generals of the Armada along with Levira left after Vekar and Vrak's deaths. Orion and his friends were defeated and injured by Damaras, who captured Troy using him as a bargaining chip to have Earth surrender during the fight. Orion and his friends arrive to help Troy, who was saved by Jake and Tensou and they defeated Damaras by combining their Megazords together into the Ultimate Legendary Megazord.

When Orion realized the battle against the Armada was over and Earth was safe; Orion decided to return to his home planet which was seemingly destroyed as he believed. Orion left his job at Ernie's and he and Emma had a talk before they meet up with the other Rangers when Orion had his Ship. Orion said his goodbye to his friends receiving a kiss from Emma on the cheek and a flower, and he gave Troy his bracelet as a sign of their friendship telling him to hold on to it till he came back. Orion departed leaving his friends behind with a sad expression on his face as he heads towards Andresia. Orion overheard on the ship comlink that Emperor Mavro, Vekar and Vrak's father that the Armada were planning a full on assault on Earth.


Orion in the Legendary Battle.

Orion returned to Earth reuniting with his friends to fend off Emperor Mavro and the Armada. Orion and Troy took his ship to take on Emperor Mavro by themselves. Orion and Troy crashed landed on the Armada ship entering the ship while destroying the XBorgs and Bruisers onboard. Orion and Troy encounter Emperor Mavro and they fight him off together; Orion fought Mavro as Troy gained control of the ship destroying Mavro's remaining fleets. Orion and Troy destroyed the console and then Emperor Mavro himself including the ship. Orion and Troy escaped as the ship crashed into the ground making the other Rangers believed that they had perished. Orion and Troy had actually used their In Space Legendary Mode and turned into Space Red and Silver riding their Galaxy Gliders then unmorphed as they landed on the ground approaching their friends. Orion and the Rangers fought off a group of XBorgs along with the help of the Legendary Rangers this defeating the Armada for good. Orion decided to stay on Earth with his friends.

Super Megaforce Silver


Super Megaforce Silver

Super Megaforce Silver is Orion's first and default/base Ranger form. It is from this form that he transforms into other rangers of the past.



Appearances: SM Episodes 7-10, 12-15, 18, 20, LBEV


Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger


Appearances: SM Episode 10, LBEV


White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 10


Gold Zeo Ranger

Gold Zeo Ranger

  • Dynamite Attack/Spinning Power Kick

Appearances: SM Episode 10, LBEV


Silver Space Ranger

Silver Space Ranger


Appearances: SM Episode 20, LBEV


Green Super Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)

Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)


This form is exclusive to The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


White Dino Ranger

White Dino Ranger


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 12


Gold Samurai Ranger

Gold Samurai Ranger


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 8


Robo Knight

Robo Knight


This form is exclusive to The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


Magna Defender

Magna Defender

This form is exclusive to The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition


Wolf Warrior

Wolf Warrior


This form is exclusive to SM Episode 15

The RPM Gold/Silver Ranger is Orion’s second unique form, combined from two of his Ranger Keys.


RPM Gold/Silver (Ranger Gold/Ranger Silver hybrid) (Male Version)


Orion fused the two ranger keys to create a special new fused hybrid of the RPM Gold and Silver ranger form. In this form, he utilizes two of each of the Ranger Operators’ main weapons, with a Sky Morpher on both sides of his belt.

Orion first accessed this form when the Super Mega Rangers decided to execute a Full-team Legendary Ranger Mode into the Ranger Operators and he was left at a loss which of the two keys to use. Both of the Ranger keys then fused together, creating a temporary Ranger Key.

The discovery of this ability, which began with creating the RPM Gold/Silver Key, served him well later on when he was able to combine the 15 Official Sixth Ranger Keys into the Gold Mode Key.

Appearances: SM Episodes 9, 14


Super Megaforce Gold

Super Megaforce Gold is Orion's enhanced form, his personal Battlizer. It is from this form that he gains the strength of The Power of Six from the Sixth Rangers of the past. He transforms with the aid of a gold anchor key (yet unnamed), fused from fifteen Sixth Ranger Keys.

After Orion somehow fused the keys of Ranger Silver and Ranger Gold, Jake would later suggest that he do the same with all 15 Sixth Ranger keys. After Orion pleaded for it, all 15 Sixth Rangers banded together to form the Super Megaforce Gold Key, a key shaped like an Anchor with the official 15 Sixth Rangers' faces on it. Orion normally uses his Ranger Keys by placing them inside his Legendary Silver Morpher and then scanning them, but the Gold Key is instead inserted in a slot in the bottom of the Legendary Silver Morpher.

When activated, it forms an armor similar to the key around his chest and the spikes of the "anchor" serve as thigh armor. His helmet is pushed down and the Super Silver Spear changes to Anchor Mode. In this form, he gains an increase in both speed and strength and is able to use a third variant of his Super Mega Final Strike, called "Legendary Final Strike".

To do so, he begins by inserting the Super Megaforce Silver Key into and swinging the Super Mega Spear, which summons the heads of the official 15 Sixth Rangers with a flash of their personal symbols. First the Silver Space Ranger, the Lunar Wolf Ranger, the Solaris Knight, the Mercury Ranger, Ranger Gold, Ranger Silver and Robo Knight appear to use their weapons in gun mode (Solaris Knight's sole weapon in any case) to fire at the enemy to form the next line of Rangers. The blast forms into Mighty Morphin Green, the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, the Gold Zeo Ranger, the Quantum Ranger, the Green Samurai Ranger, the White Dino Ranger, the Omega Ranger and the Gold Samurai Ranger, and they slash at (or in the Omega Ranger's case punch) the enemy to finish it off, and Orion himself performs the final attack by slashing the enemy with the Super Silver Spear.

Appearances: SM Episodes 9, 12, 15, 20, LBEV

Legendary Ranger Devices

Gokai Silver Ranger Key

The Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Key.

The Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Key is Orion's personal Ranger Key which allows him to morph into Super Megaforce Silver. As with the other Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, this key is commonly used in the Super Mega Rangers' Ranger Key-compatible arsenal and zords for different functions and attacks. Unlike the other keys, it was thought to have been destroyed.

Anchor Key

The Super Megaforce Gold Key.

The key that Orion uses to turn into Super Megaforce Gold is a "fused" key that utilizes "The Power of Six", which is the power of all the Sixth Rangers. It transforms his helmet and spear, and the key itself becomes his armor.

Super Megaforce Charger (Super Mega Silver)

Super Megaforce Dino Charger

Super Megaforce Silver is one of the Rangers that represent the Super Mega Rangers for the Super Megaforce Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Super Megaforce's case, it featured Super Megaforce Red, Super Megaforce Silver, the Legendary Megazord, and the Super Megaforce title. This Charger was paired with the MMAR Dino Charger.

Super Megaforce Silver Ninja Power Star

Super Megaforce Silver Ninja Power Star

The Super Megaforce Silver Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger and is marked with the kanji for "silver". This will be a part of the upcoming Super Ninja Steel toyline and it's currently unknown if it will have a in-show appearance.


Orion is played by Cameron Jebo, who initially auditioned for the role of Troy [1]. However, on May 2013, it was confirmed by RangerCrew that Jebo was cast in the role of Orion.

As Super Megaforce Silver, he was portrayed by suit actor Daisuke Satō (佐藤 太輔 Satō Daisuke) in footage from Gokaiger.


Portions of the scripts (casting sides) for the role of Megaforce Silver indicated his name was to be Zador. [2]


  • Orion is tied with Karone for having the shortest tenure as a Ranger, only lasting 14 episodes (not including extra Rangers.)
  • Orion's loner personality contrasts to his Sentai counterpart, Gai Ikari who is a happy go lucky team player.
  • Orion being the only alien on a team of humans contrasts with Gai Ikari, being the only human on a team of aliens

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