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Orion is a ranger who joins the Mega Rangers in their new battle.

Character History

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Super Megaforce Silver


Super Megaforce Silver

Super Megaforce Silver is Orion's first and default/base Ranger form. It is from this form that he transforms into other rangers of the past.




Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode

Super Megaforce Silver Gold Mode [1] is Orion's enhanced form, his personal power-up. It is from this form that he gains the strength of the Sixth Rangers of the past. He transforms with the aid of a gold anchor key (yet unnamed), which is a combination of the fifteen Sixth Ranger Keys.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Portions of the scripts (casting sides) for the role of Megaforce Silver indicated his name was to be Zador. [2]
  • In May 2013, RangerCrew was able to confirm that Cameron Jebo, initially a contender for Troy's role, was cast as Megaforce Silver. [3]
  • Prior to his debut in Silver Lining, Orion made a cameo on Noah's computer screen changing into the Mercury Ranger in Earth Fights Back.

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