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The Org Master (オルグマスター Orugu Masutā, 1-49) is an entity contained within the Demon Cave Matrix (鬼洞窟マトリックス Oni Doukutsu Matorikkusu). A stone face worshipped by the Orgs due to its power to create new Orgs. It was soon revealed in the finale that the Org Master was a figurehead, only a symbol of the true power of its creators who are the true Org leaders, the Highness Duke Orgs. In the end, Futaro managed to seal the Org Master so no more Orgs can be created and that the Highness Dukes' power is decreased as a result. The powerless Org Master was later destroyed when the Matrix caved-in.


  • Although Power Rangers Wild Force has a similarly named character Master Org, the two are completely different characters.
  • The concept of the Org Master is similar to the Black Sun God of Sun Vulcan: an object worshiped as a deity believed to be the true leader of the group, but in actuality a figurehead for the true villain.

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