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Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Lord Zedd has his putties steal a trumpet so that he can turn it into a bewitching monster.


Trini and Zack are hanging out at the Juice Bar when Curtis walks in. Curtis asks them if they are going to the Jazz Festival the following day. Zack suggests that Curtis play his trumpet, but Curtis can't because his trumpet is somewhere between St. Louis and Angel Grove. Zack tells Curtis that he will loan him their uncle's trumpet, with Curtis' promise that he will take good care of it, as their Uncle Ed was a famous musician. 

Watching, Lord Zedd gets the idea to cast a spell on the trumpet, that will cause the Rangers to battle previously defeated monsters, who are not there. Once exhausted, Lord Zedd will send down a real monster.

The following day, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy are walking through the park, headed for the Jazz Festival with Zack's trumpet. They run into Bulk and Skull, who are hauling cement as part of their latest scheme to uncover the identities of the Power Rangers.

Lord Zedd is watching the park when he orders the Putties to "do it now." When the Power Rangers hear that trumpet, he gloats, they shall fall under his spell. Lord Zedd laughs. 

Kimberly, Billy, and Zack continue on their way, until they are attack by Zedd's Putties. During the fight, one Putty places a spell on the trumpet, which Zack had laid on the ground. The three Rangers defeat the Putties, questioning the motive behind the attack, but decide to continue on to the Youth Center, where they give Curtis the trumpet.

Meanwhile, Bulk explains his plan (again) to Skull, which was inspired by Cinderella: to make a cement cast of the Power Rangers' footprints so they can see if any civilians' feet match. Bulk then leaves Skull to do the gruntwork.

Back at the Youth Center, the Jazz concert is a success. However, Curtis unknowingly sprays the magic dust Zedd's Putty snuck into his trumpet, as a blue light on the Rangers during the performance. The dust's spell successfully works on the Rangers without their knowledge, first giving them each a small headache.

In his lair, Lord Zedd congratulates his Putties for succeeding at something (for once). He also announces he will create a new monster as the next part of his plan.

While the Rangers congratulate Curtis for his performance, a Putty secretly teleports the trumpet outdoors. Zedd transforms the instrument into Trumpet Top

As the Rangers search outside for Zack's trumpet, they see Grumble Bee appear before them. The Rangers morph; Trumpet Top, pleased that his Grumble Bee hallucination has fooled them, creates illusions of Saliguana, Fighting FleaSoccadillo, Rhinoblaster, Mantis, Stag Beetle and Slippery Shark. At the Command Center, Alpha 5 and Zordon learn about the Rangers' battle, with Zordon explaining the monsters only exist in the Rangers' minds.

Bulk and Skull find the Rangers fighting at the Beach. While confused to see the heroes fighting nothing, they realize that they've found the perfect opportunity to get casts of the Rangers' feet. They decide to wait until the "fight" is over.

Alpha teleports the Power Rangers to the Command Center, allowing Bulk and Skull to carry out their plan. The Rangers ask Zordon why they were teleported away mid-battle. Zordon responds by showing them Trumpet Top on the Viewing Globe, explaining the monster has used magic to make the Rangers see illusions of their old enemies. He tells the Rangers the only way to break the spell is to destroy Trumpet Top.

As the Rangers teleport back into battle, Zedd, aware that they now know the truth, throws one of his Growth Bombs at Trumpet Top. The Rangers summon their Thunderzords, immediately combining them into the Thunder Megazord. Trumpet Top attacks the Rangers with its flame breath, causing the Thunder Saber to fly from the Thunder Megazord's hand into Top's grip. Trumpet Top lands a few successful strikes, but the Megazord charges the Saber remotely with electricity, zapping Trumpet Top enough for the sword to fly back into the robot's hand. The Rangers then summon more lightning into the Thunder Saber, powering the sword with enough energy to destroy Trumpet Top with a single slash. In his Moon Palace, Zedd scolds Goldar, Baboo and Squatt for his plan's failure.

At the Youth Center, the Rangers, now unmorphed, surprise a dejected Curtis with the trumpet. Jason tells Curtis a kid found it in the hallway, "joking" that the kid had seen a Power Ranger leave it there. Bulk and Skull, with their faces covered in concrete, lumber in with a cast of the Rangers' footprints, demanding that everyone line up to see if their feet fit. Zack has Richie (who's working behind the bar), play music, causing dozens of kids to bump past Bulk and Skull to reach the dance floor. Bulk and Skull manage to save the cast from falling, but ironically a congratulatory pat on the back from Skull causes Bulk to drop it, and the cast smashes into pieces on the floor. As they try to put it back together, Kimberly tells them that maybe it's better if the world doesn't learn the Rangers' identities. Zack agrees, joking, "Yeah, I mean it's nothing to go to pieces over."




  • Despite Zedd claiming he would use Trumpet Top to create illusions of his monsters, most of them (except Saliguana) were actually created by Finster for Rita.
  • When the Rangers first see Grumble Bee they are walking through the park, then after they morph everyone is on a beach.
  • Saliguana strangely speaks with a higher-pitched/female-like voice in this episode; however, he would use his normal voice from "Putty On The Brain" again when he returns as one of the resurrected monsters in "The Wedding" later in the season.
  • In the episode teaser, Mallow refers to Trumpet Top as "Trumpet Head". Although this was likely done to avoid spoilers, it's still an error.
  • In consulting the computer, Alpha twice reports to Zordon that "there are no monsters anywhere." However, Trumpet Top was real and should have been detected.
  • Right before the Red Dragon Thunderzord transforms into Warrior Mode, RyuuRanger can be seen on its head since this footage was reused from last episode,



Zack: (afraid to tell the truth to his parents): My parents will be so mad at me.

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