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The Orb of Doom was a magical device used by Master Vile to reverse time on Earth, causing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to revert to powerless kids. Vile assigned Rito to place it at specific coordinates outside of Angel Grove. Zordon discovered that Vile had called for the orb and informed the Rangers about it. He mentioned that if the orb was placed at the correct spot, it could not be removed. When the rangers attempted to stop Rito, Goldar and some Tengas showed up to help him, with some of the Tengas heading to a Carnival the rangers were attending. While Adam, Billy and Aisha went to stop the Tengas from attacking the carnival, the other 3 were outmatched and Rito put the orb in the correct place, ironically after guessing it. Once placed, it emitted a beam of light which shot into the sky.

Once Rito, Goldar and the Tengas left, Tommy attempted to remove the orb, only for it to attack him. Once Vile recited the first part of an incantation, the orb blew up as part of the process and the energy it released caused the Earth to stop spinning. Vile then recited the second verse of the incantion while using some of his own powers and reversed the planet's rotation and the ages of the Earth's population. This was done in a bid to allow Vile and the forces under Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd to take control of the Earth, but their attack was thwarted by the arrival of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar. Soon Billy and the Alien Rangers created a re-generator that operated through the Earth team's Power Coins and would allow them to return to their normal ages, thus freeing them from the Orb of Doom's time reversal and allowing them to Morph again. Unfortunately only Billy was able to escape the spell as Rito and Goldar stole the machine and Rita and Zedd destroyed the power coins. Master Vile's and the Orb of Doom's effects were later undone when the Zeo Crystal was reassembled in the Command Center.

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