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"Time for a Shock!"
―The Orange Headed Krybot's catchphrase before unleashing their lightning wave attacks.[src]

The Orange-Head Krybots are the elite robots of Emperor Gruumm. They are the strongest Krybots in the Troobian Empire, even stronger than the Blue-Head Krybots. They are very powerful, are equipped with a sword and are able to create a powerful lightning shock wave attack. They are powerful enough to take on several rangers on their own. They often serve as leaders of squads of Krybots and Blue Heads, and can be summoned from orange, spiky spherical devices that resemble their heads.

They were all destroyed in Endings part 2 during their raid on Delta Base along with the Blue heads and Krybots.


  • Strength-The Orange Headed Krybots are the strongest footsoldiers of SPD, and probably some of the most powerful in the franchise, The first was easily able to outmatch Z and Jack, even after they morphed to defeat it.


  • Extraordinary Combatant-The Orange Headed Krybotd are the best Krybots to deploy in battle due to thier prowess. During the first appearance of an Orange Head, it was easily able to defeat an unmorphed Jack and Z. Even when the two morphed, they were no match for this incredibly strong footsoldier.


  • Sword-The Orange Heads wielded swords that resemble thier heads in combat.
    • Sword Lightning Wave-The Orange Headed Krybot's strongest attack. The Orange Heads can energize thier blades with red lightning and swing it across the ground, generating a wave of red lightning. In the episode :"Sam-part II " this was powerful enough to take down all five Rangers almost completely overwhelm the Canine Cannon and they barely overpowered the energy wave.


  • The Orange Headed Krybots are likely the strongest footsoldiers to date. They can easily overpower any Ranger whether they are morphed or not. Thier lightning waves attacks are some of the most powerful of any foot soldier and even those of some monsters.


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