The Orac
le is a powerful all seeing wizard that wishes to only help good, but when threatened, had no choice but to help evil. He sees things with a mystical eye that appears on his hand.

He disguises himself as an elderly gentleman that gives out balloons to children.

When Morticon wanted to escape the Underworld, he sent Necrolai to kidnap the Oracle. Though he did not want to help the evil forces, when Morticon threatened to attack the young children of the surface world, he had to choose. He told the evil undead forces that the Gatekeeper was the only way to escape. Morticon was disappointed as Niella, who was a gatekeeper, perished. However Oracle said that there's now a new Gatekeeper. He said he couldn't see who is exactly the gatekeeper, but he this is someone close to Power Rangers. After providing this information, the Oracle transported himself out of the Underworld. The Gatekeeper (episode)


Oracle was a kindhearted, gentle and sympathetic man, who wished only good to others. He enjoyed giving balloons to children. However when threatened by villains, he has no choice but to help evil. Morticon kidnapped Oracle and forced him to reveal who can open the Gate of Underworld. Oracle was shown as quite wise and intelligent individual. It's shown that he knows a lot about world and is also informed about magical creatures, such as Morlocks.

Powers And Abilities

  • Disguise: Oracle disguises himself as an elderly gentleman, who gives balloons to children.
  • Omniscience: Oracle can see everything with a mystical eye on his hand. His ability is quite capable, because he saw that there's a new Gatekeeper in the world. However his abilities still have limitations, as he couldn't see who is exactly the Gatekeeper, but saw that this is someone close to Rangers.
  • Teleportation: Oracle also can teleportate, for example when he teleportated himself from the Underworld back to the Surface World.
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