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This is a '''list of monsters''' that appear in '''''[[Operation Overdrive]]'''''. Each of the monsters listed below belong to each of the Corona Jewel-seeking factions.
This is a '''list of monsters''' that appear in '''''[[Operation Overdrive]]'''''. Each of the monsters listed below belong to each of the Corona Jewel-seeking factions.
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===Atlantis Temple===
===Atlantis Temple===
* '''First Appearance''': "The Underwater World" (03/05/07)
{{Main|Atlantis Temple}}
A temple i[[n Atlanti]]s where the [[Operation Overdrive Rangers|Rangers]] were exploring into for a gem, bringing it up to the surface. Flurious interrupted their search and made the temple come to life. The moving temple was easily defeated by the [[DriveMax Megazord]] using the Sword Combination.
===Flurious' Robot===
===Flurious' Robot===
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* '''First Appearance''': "Heart of Blue" (03/12/07)
* '''Voice Actor''': Richard Simpson
This black-and-blue-colored keylock/laser disc-themed monster was first seen trying to "kidnap" Mira in order to lure Dax to where he was in the city. Dax attacked the monster and gave him a beating to impress Mira; soon the monster retreated. Later, Ultrog returned, seeking the Neptune scrolls. The Rangers battled him, but because Dax's heart was so tender after thinking about Mira, Dax could not handle him. Ultrog threatened to take Mira away again unless the Rangers gave him the scrolls. Dax, feeling helpless, handed them over, but the monster left with Mira anyway. Ultrog had absorbed the power of the two scrolls he had taken, making him stronger than before. He proved to be too much for the other four Rangers when he battled them again that night, but the tables were turned when Dax came back to join the others, as well as to reveal that the third scroll that Mira (who finally revealed to Dax her true identity of the evil Miratrix) had stolen was a fake. The Rangers soon took out Ultrog, but from inside the jewel of Miratrix's necklace, Kamdor used a sutra to make Ultrog grow. After forming the DriveMax Megazord, Ultrog had the upper hand again, but then Spencer gave the Rangers the power of the third scroll, which allowed them to suck the power of the other scrolls out of the monster; the scrolls then made their way back into Spencer's hands. Soon afterwards, Ultrog was destroyed by the DriveMax Megazord Saber.
* '''First Appearance''': "Pirate In Pink" (03/26/07)
A black arquebus/factory object monster summoned by Kamdor from an abandoned pirate ship cannon and sent alongside Miratrix to obtain the Eye of the Sea. He was armed with a powerful cannon on his shoulder, hence his name. In the first encounter alongside Miratrix against four of the Rangers, he attacked the Rangers until Rose, who was possessed by Brownbeard the Pirate's ghost, gave him and Miratrix a beating, making the two fall back. Later, when Brownbeard unpossessed Rose, Brownbeard had the Eye of the Sea until Miratrix and Bombardo attacked and made off with the Eye of the Sea. Brownbeard caught up with Miratrix and Bombardo and tried to reclaim the Eye of the Sea. They almost finished him off but Rose came just in time to save him. Bombardo used the Eye of the Sea to turn into a giant buzzsaw machine, but was taken out by the Shovel Driver, causing him to revert back. Kamdor then used a sutra to make Bombardo grow and the Drivemax Megazord combined itself with the Shovel Driver to form the Drivemax Megazord Shovel Formation. It was this form that destroyed Bombardo.
===Big Mouth Monster===
===Big Mouth Monster===
* '''First Appearance''': "Both Sides Now" (04/09/07)
{{Main|Big Mouth Monster}}
* '''Voice Actor''': Mark Williams
This money purse/vacuum cleaner monster was created from a blue purse on a picnic blanket, not far from where Miratrix was battling four of the Rangers. While Kamdor was battling Will, Miratrix called on Kamdor to create the monster. Soon the monster attacked the other Rangers while Miratrix continued her hunt for the Hou-ou bird. Three of the Rangers struggled against the monster, but Ronny was able to handle him. Will, after defeating Kamdor, soon came in to give the others an added advantage. Mack used his Drill Blaster to take the monster out, but Kamdor made him grow. The Rangers used their Crane Driver to trap the monster, and then they finished him off with the DriveMax Megazord Drill and Crane Formation while he was still trapped.
===Camera Monster===
===Camera Monster===
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==Other monsters==
==Other monsters==
===Weather Machine Monster===
===Weather Machine Monster===
* '''First Appearance''': "Weather or Not" (3/19/07)
{{Main|Weather Machine Monster}}
Moltor created a weather control device that began to malfunction when introduced to human technology without proper configuration and thus began to turn the entire area into a frozen wasteland. The five main Drivemax Zords were buried in ice and snow and fell into a deep crevice when [[Mackenzie Hartford|Mack]] ejected from the Megazord and they were later salvaged by the Drill Driver. Soon after, the malfunctioning Weather Machine transformed into a rogue robotic humanoid monster, which gave the Rangers a hard time, until it was destroyed by the DriveMax Megazord Drill Formation when it attacked its blowhole.
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Image:OO_Camera Monster.jpg|[[Camera Monster]]
Image:OO_Camera Monster.jpg|[[Camera Monster]]
Image:OO_Centurion Robot.jpg|[[Centurion Robot]]
Image:OO_Centurion Robot.jpg|[[Centurion Robot]]
Image:OO_Commando Robot.jpg|[[Commando Robot]]
Image:OO_Commando Robot.jpg|[[Commando Robot]]

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This is a list of monsters that appear in Operation Overdrive. Each of the monsters listed below belong to each of the Corona Jewel-seeking factions.

Flurious' Monster List

Here is a list of monsters under Flurious that appear in this series. Most of them resemble giant war machines:

Atlantis Temple

Main article: Atlantis Temple

Flurious' Robot

  • First Appearance: "Behind the Scenes"

A Megazord-sized robot Flurious created with an enlarged Gyro as its power source. Originally Flurious was going to pilot it to retrieve the ancient Cannon of Kiamook. Before he could use it, it was stolen by the Fearcats in an act of betrayal. While Mig fought off the Rangers, Benglo used the robot to burrow deep into the ground and retrieved the Cannon. With both the Cannon of Kiamook combined with its ability to draw further power from Mig and Benglo's gryos, the robot easily took down the Drivemax Megazord before setting fire on the city. However, the robot was soon scrapped by Tyzonn and his new Flashpoint Megazord.

Moltor's Monster List

Here is a list of monsters under Moltor that appear in this series. Most of these monsters have a red appearance and are either reptile-like, cybernetic based, or some combination of both:

Giant Sea Creature

  • First Appearance: "Kick Into Overdrive, Part II" (02/26/07)

A giant cybernetic Brachiosaurus-like monster that emerged from the seas after it was called by Moltor to attack after losing Andrew to the Rangers. Though it was defeated by the DriveMax Megazord, Moltor activated the monster's self-destruct to blow up the Megazord and kill the Rangers, who then managed to have the DriveMax Megazord kick the monster away before it blew up.


  • First appearance: "At All Cost" (04/02/07)
  • Voice Actor: James Gaylyn

Originally a Lava Lizard that proved itself to be strongest among all Lava Lizards. Because of its strength and skill, Moltor transformed it into a powerful volcanic half Dragon, half lizard version of itself called Volcan. Its' mission was to steal Fire Heart's scale while en route to Hartford's mansion. He was initially to powerful for the Rangers until they found they could damage him by attacking his back. Moltor's plan was to use the scale to power up this monster into the ultimate beast by exposing the scale to the increasing temperature of the factory where they were located. But the scale was stolen from the building before preventing the building's explosion using the DriveMax Megazord's Mixer Formation. With the Ranger reclaiming the scale for the new Defender Vest, Volcan was destroyed by Mack with the new Drill Blaster weapon.

Moltor's Zord

  • First appearance: "Follow The Ranger" (04/30/07)

An unnamed cybernetic Zord created and piloted by Moltor himself. While possessing immense strength, this robot could also fire Gatling gun blasts and chains that can wrap around the enemy. It was destroyed by the Super Drivemax Megazord.


  • First appearance: "Follow The Ranger" (04/30/07)

A dragon-like cybernetic Zord created by Moltor that wields a boomerang. It was used while Moltor and Flurious had their temporary alliance to destroy the Rangers. The Dragonizer was first piloted by Lava Lizards to defeat the DriveMax Megazord and later piloted by Flurious himself when it was destroyed by the Super Drivemax Megazord. Thare maa ki chute


  • First Appearance: "Lights, Camera, Dax" (05/07/07)
  • Voice Actor: Patrick Kake

This red-and-blue armored dragon-like dinosaur creature was summoned by Moltor to hunt down Kamdor and Miratrix and retrieve the Ancient Parchment from them, to bring back to Moltor. During his fight with the Rangers, Kamdor and Miratrix blasted the cave, causing rocks to fall and bury Scaletex. Scaletex never escaped the burial and thus was presumed destroyed.

Tyzonn Monster

  • First Appearance: "Face to Face I" (05/14/07)
  • Voice Actor: Dwayne Cameron

Moltor turned a Mercurian named Tyzonn into a Pachycephalosaurus]]/dragon-like monster and used him to obtain the Parchment from the Rangers. When engaging Mack, the Parchmant was torn and Tyzonn made off with the bigger piece. While trying to recollect other part of the Parchment, Tyzonn helped a woman before being attacked by Ronny in the Transtech Armor. Mack later chased after Tyzonn while the others battled Bullox and the Lava Lizards. When Tyzonn didn't want to work with Moltor anymore, Moltor attacked them both and was winning. Luckily, Mack was able to save him and escape with the other Rangers following a trail of Tyzonn's blood from a wound Tyzonn sustained earlier. In the safety of Hartford's mansion, Tyzonn revealed his story and how he came to be a monster. While helping translate the parchment, Tyzonn spilled lemonade on it to reveal a hidden longitude and latitude of the location. In Indonesia, Tyzonn engaged Bullox in battle and was losing until Mack joined the fight and did a combo attack on Bullox. While riding in the Sonic Streaker, Tyzonn used his Lava Lizard form to obtain the Toru Diamond from within the volcano's crater. After Bullox's destruction, two of the Corona Jewels obtained by the Rangers restored Tyzonn back to normal thanks to the information from the Sentinel Knight.


  • First Appearance: "Face to Face I" (05/14/07)
  • Voice Actor: Will Wallace

This four-eyed bull-like Naga creature was summoned by Moltor to aid Tyzonn in retrieving the Parchment from the previous episode from the possession of the Rangers. He wields a crescent-tipped scepter in battle and he can breathe fire. After Tyzonn turned against Moltor, Bullox was ordered to destroy Tyzonn, who eventually got away with the help of Mack. Thus, Bullox and Moltor were on their trail. When it came to the ambush at the Toru Diamond's location in Indonesia, he engaged Tyzonn in battle where Bullox was winning until Mack joins the fight and does a combo attack on Bullox. As Mack is riding in the Sonic Streaker fighting the Lavadactyls, Bullox was taken down by the Defender Vests and Drill Blaster. Moltor shot a dart at Bullox to make him grow and he went head-to-head with the Super DriveMax Megazord and was winning until Mack arrived in the Sonic Streaker. It took the power of the new DriveMax Ultrazord to destroy Bullox.


  • First Appearance: "Face to Face II" (05/21/07)

A trio of mechanical Pteradactyl-like creatures, each piloted by a Lava Lizard and capable of shooting lasers from their mouths. Their purpose was to ambush the Rangers and Tyzonn during their quest for the Toru Diamond and the fight against Bullox. Each was destroyed by Mack in the newly dispatched Sonic Streaker. In "Ronny on Empty", Moltor created a Cybernetic Rex who launched two swarms of these. The first swarm was destroyed by the Drivemax Ultrazord, the second swarm by the Battlefleet ship.


  • First Appearance: "Out of Luck" (07/09/07)
  • Voice Actor: Charlie McDermott

This long-necked red Chinese Dragon creature was an old friend of Moltor and the keeper of the ancient compass that Moltor stole in the previous episode. He can breathe fire and bring down red lightning from the skies. He battled against the Rangers, using the power of the compass to aid him in battle. He then used it to alter the chi and li of Mack and induce bad luck on him, and Mack started to suffer from those very effects after Blothgaar retreated. Later, the Rangers (including Mack, who was draped in the several good-luck charms his fellow Rangers gave him) confronted Blothgaar again, as well as Moltor and an army of Lava Lizards. Mack used the charms to help him out against Blothgaar, and was eventually able to retrieve the compass. He then put down Blothgaar with his Drive Lance, and Rose used the compass to reverse Mack's luck to normal. Soon, though, Moltor threw Blothgaar into the valley, having him absorb the energy and grow, making the Rangers call on the DriveMax and Flashpoint Megazords. In battle, the Rangers used the compass combined with the DriveMax Megazord saber to bestow the bad luck upon Blothgaar, who then stumbled on a rock. Blothgaar soon met his destruction at the hands of the Super DriveMax Megazord.

Cybernetic Rex

  • First appearance: "Ronny on Empty I" (8/20/2007)

A robotic T-Rex monster created and piloted by Moltor. It can bite, shoot lasers from its cannons, and it also has the ability to launch swarms of Lavadactyls. Moltor asked the Fearcats for a gyro to power it, but the gyro somehow doesn't work. Then Moltor and the Fearcats plan to capture Ronny to drain her energy as an alternative power source. Once powered, it proves itself powerful enough to counter attack and defeat the Drivemax Ultrazord. It was running out of power as the Battlefleet Ship appeared and Moltor retreated. During the second fight, it was easily destroyed at hands of the Battlefleet Megazord.


  • First Appearance: "Nothing to Lose" (11/05/07)
  • Voice Actor: Mark Wright

A fire-breathing dragon-like monster covered with golden spikes, multiple tails and had tentacles on his right hand. He accompanied Moltor into obtaining the Tri-Dragon Key in Japan. He can turn his tentacles into replicates of the Rangers' weapons, although he at first had trouble duplicating the Black Ranger's Drive Slammer, he could also use his tentacles to track down the Tri-Dragon Key. He was destroyed by the Sentinel Knight and Flashpoint Megazord Crane Formation.

Kamdor's Monster List

Here is a list of monsters under Kamdor that appear in this series. Kamdor's faction seems to have the most monsters in it. Most of the monsters here (though there are some exceptions) usually follow a rule of having a blue appearance and being made up of two items: one new and one old:


Main article: Ultrog


Main article: Bombardo

Big Mouth Monster

Main article: Big Mouth Monster

Camera Monster

  • First Appearance: "Lights, Camera, Dax" (5/7/07)

A dark clay/camera monster created by Kamdor from a movie camera. He and the Amplifier monster fought Moltor's Lava Lizards alongside the ninja stuntmen that Kamdor brainwashed which then turned into a three-way battle when the Power Rangers entered the fray. The Camera Monster was destroyed by Dax in the Transtek Armor.

Amplifier Monster

  • First Appearance: "Lights, Camera, Dax" (5/7/07)

A firestove bellow/speaker monster created by Kamdor from a large speaker. He and the Camera Monster fought Moltor's Lava Lizards alongside the ninja stuntmen that Kamdor brainwashed which then turned into a three-way battle when the Power Rangers entered the fray. The Amplifier Monster was destroyed by Dax in the Transtek Armor.

Hat Monster

  • First Appearance: "It's Hammer Time" (7/2/07)

A silk hat/animal picture book monster created by Kamdor from a silk hat. He seemed to act and be referred to as a magician. Kamdor made it grow right after it was created. When engaging the Drivemax Ultrazord and the Flashpoint Megazord, it summoned a snake from its hat to constrict the Drivemax Ultrazord and used its umbrella to deflect the Flashpoint Megazord's attack. The Flashpoint Megazord combined with the Drill Driver and the Shovel Driver which Tyzonn used to destroy the monster.

Sextant Monster

  • First Appearance: "Once A Ranger, Part I" (7/16/07)

A sextant/new chalk monster who assisted Kamdor and Miratrix in a museum robbery to retrieve what they thought was another jewel of the Corona Aurora. The jewel just turned out to be an "ordinary" rare ruby. This monster was destroyed by Tyzonn using the Drive Detector.


  • First Appearance: "Things Not Said" (9/10/07)
  • Voice Actor: Gerald Urquhart

An amulet/new computer monster created by Kamdor from a computer. He created a computer virus that infected the BattleFleet Zords, the Ranger's base computers and Mack. The Rangers destroyed him with the Battle Fleet Megazord, but Datum's virus extracted the decoded location of the Star of Isis right onto Kamdor's computer.

Garbage Monster

  • First Appearance: "Things Not Said" (9/10/07)

A bowling ball-headed monster with a body of multiple other themes (such as a fan, an air conditioner, and other garbage) summoned by Kamdor alongside other monsters to fight the Rangers while he snagged the Star of Isis located somewhere in the Everglades. He fought Dax after being created, and wielded a bowling pin. He was the first monster to be destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger after being hit with a power punch.

Golem Monster

  • First Appearance: "Things Not Said" (09/10/07)

A mechanical golem monster summoned by Kamdor alongside other monsters to battle the Rangers, so he could snag the Star of Isis located somewhere in the Everglades. He fought Will after being created. He was the second monster to be destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger using a shockwave.

Statue Monster

  • First Appearance: "Things Not Said" (09/10/07)

A stone, samurai statue monster summoned by Kamdor alongside other monsters to battle the Rangers, so he could snag the Star of Isis located somewhere in the Everglades. He can shoot beams from his eyes and wields a sword. He fought Ronny after being created. He was the third monster to be destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger using his Operation Overdrive logo finisher.

Kunoichi Monster

  • First Appearance: "Things Not Said" (9/10/07)

A female, winged kunoichi monster summoned by Kamdor alongside other monsters to fight the Rangers while he snagged the Star of Isis located somewhere in the Everglades. She wielded two large swords. She fought Rose after being created. She was the fourth monster to be destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger, who used a sword slash.

Prince Monster

  • First Appearance: "Things Not Said" (09/10/07)

A rapier-wielding monster with glass slippers at the sides of its head that was summoned by Kamdor alongside other monsters to battle the Rangers, so he could snag the Star of Isis located somewhere in the Everglades. He fought Tyzonn after being created. He was the fifth monster to be destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger and his tornado finisher.

Fearcats' Monster List

Here is a list of monsters (mainly giant Zord-like robots) that Mig and Benglo had created and used in the series. Each one had specific combat abilities.

Jet Robot

  • First Appearance: "It's Hammer Time" (7/2/07)

A giant jet-themed robot piloted by Mig and Benglo. It was their secret weapon and they used it to attack the city while the Rangers and Thor were battling Flurious and his Chillers. The Drivemax Megazord engaged it in battle while Thor and Tyzonn dealt with Flurious. The Drivemax Megazord was overwhelmed until Tyzonn joined the fight in the Flashpoint Megazord. Both Megazords were losing until Thor attacked the robot. The Drivemax Ultrazord destroyed this robot.

Commando Robot

  • First Appearance: "One Gets Away" (7/16/07)

A giant commando-themed robot piloted by Mig and Benglo. It was their second secret weapon and they use it to attack the city and the Rangers while Will was battling Kamdor and Miratrix. It disabled the DriveMax Ultrazord's flight mode and was scared off by Tyzonn and the Rescue Runners. As it was getting away Will morphed and used his OO Zip Line and rides on the robot. Then later on, Mig pilots the robot and upgrades it with the Super Armor turning it into a Samurai-themed robot. It defeats the Super DriveMax and Flashpoint Megazords forcing the Rangers to separate the zords and make different combos for the DriveMax and Flashpoint Megazords. It took the DriveMax Megazord Crane Formation to remove the armor reverting it back to its default form and the DriveMax Megazord with Rescue Runners 1 and 2 and the Flashpoint Megazord with the Dozer and Sub Drivers to destroy this robot.

Centurion Robot

  • First Appearance: "One Fine Day" (8/13/07)

This battle helicopter-themed robot was powered with the Centurion torch which was found by the Fearcats. Despite his enormous firepower, he was defeated by the Drivemax Ultrazord.


  • First Appearance: "Home and Away I" (10/8/07)

A gigantic powerful homunculus monster that was created by the Fearcats after they mixed three rare, and powerful artifacts (Minerva's Staff, The Root of Hesper, and The Sands of Sila) inside the Octavian Chalice after stealing each of them from Moltor, Flurious, and Kamdor. While not technically a robot in the traditional sense as most of the Fearcats' other creations, the Fearcats were able to harness the monster's abilities like a giant robot after they attached their own robotic armor to it to power it up. The DriveMax Ultrazord clashed with Agrios but wasn't able to defeat it. Then the Battlefleet was summoned and turned into the Battlefleet Megazord followed by the Sentinel Knight, but none of them were able to defeat Agrios. Agrios even attacked the other villains (Flurious regretted to admit that he and the other villains wouldn't have a choice to submit to the Fearcats later on because of Agrios). Mack used the Flashpoint Megazord to fight Agrios. The Zords were eventually repaired just in time to help Mack. All three Megazords engaged Agrios. While wielding the Sentinel Sword and riding the Battlefleet ship, Agrios was finally destroyed by the DriveMax Megazord.

Other monsters

Weather Machine Monster

Main article: Weather Machine Monster


A vulture-like monster created by Thrax. Supposedly, according to Thrax, he is invincible, or was thought to be. He is grown and sent to attack the Rangers in their Megazords only to be destroyed by Mack using Excelsior. Later he was (somehow) found weakened but in one piece by the villains and Flurious managed to restore his strength and upgrade him with a Gyro into the more-human like Vulturus Maximus. In this second form, he was destroyed by the Mercury Ranger's Drive Detector.


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