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Ooz (オーズ Ōzu) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma.

Character History

A spider-like Space Beast with multiple legs. It's special ability is that of "Ghost Electricity", which allows for it to travel within electrical current, including wires and any objects that uses electricity. It's plan for conquest was to make all electrical objects go haywire on Earth, completely disrupting human society and making it collapse. It's body possesses a massive amount of defensive power both from it's external shell and from it's legs, making the lasers from the Change Swords of the Changeman ineffective and normal weapon attacks hard to hit. However, it's main weak spot was it's large eye, which must be struck directly to disable the Space Beast. Tsurugi does so with his trademark "Dragon Ball" pitch, using a baseball Oozora packed with explosives. With Ooz disabled, the Changeman are able to slice it's legs off before finishing it off with the Power Bazooka. After being rebuilt by Gyodai, the Changeman once again slice it's legs off with the Dengeki-ken before finishing it off.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 9: Shine! The Special Miracle Ball


Ooz really didn't have mutch of a personality it didn't even talk we callit it because its gender asuming it has one is never made clear. it might not even be sapient.

Powers and Abilities


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Ooz had an ability called Ghost Electricity. Where he turned his body into demonic electricity. in this form he could travel through cords and power lines has well has bring appliances to go crazy. In this state even the innocent appliance could be come deadly. It's plan for conquest was to make all electrical objects go haywire on Earth, completely disrupting human society and making it collapse after it killed the Changemen. He could also use his ghost lighting in battle shooting it out of its legs. It's hard armored shell was also charged with ghost lightning making it nigh indestructible its only weak stop being its eye which was the source of the Ghost Electricity. It protects it's eye by sitting and flailing its arms around.

Behind the Scenes


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