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""You called?!""
―Ootsumuji's first words when being summoned by Dokokou[src]
""Why you...""
―Ootsumuji reacting to the Five Sword Dance and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""Don't think you've won, Shinkengers!""
―Ootsumuji when enlarged.[src]
―Ootsumuji reacting to the powering up Shinken Samurai Slash and his final words.[src]

Ootsumuji (オオツムジ, Ōtsumuji, 2): Ootsumuji is armed with the Senpū Ōgamatō (旋風大鎌刀, Whirlwind Scythe Sword) and uses his hair to create gust of wind to hit his opponents in his Shinkūtsumuji Muchi (真空つむじ鞭, Vacuum-Whirl Whip) attack. Send to terrorize humans by causing massive damage and gathering all humans in the area, Ootsumuji is the first Ayakashi to be slain by Samurai Gattai ShinkenOh. His appearance and abilities made him the origin of the Kamaitachi (窮奇).

Behind the scenes

Narikiri Movie

Through the use of archive footage from his appearance in Shinkenger, Ootsumuji is the Ayakashi enemy whom participating boys took the lead in defeating in Narikiri Movie Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Special Curtain: The New Samurai Hero.


concept art


  • Ootsumuji is Daisuke Gōri's final toku role in the Super Sentai Series before his death in 2010.

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