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Onyx as seen in Power Rangers in Space.


Onyx and it's moon as seen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Onyx is a planet where the evil elements of the universe hang out.


Conflict is not uncommon, but Onyx is mostly desired as a peaceful place where monsters can get together in a semi-neutral setting. The good guys such as the Power Rangers are still unwelcome there, but many frequently show up in disguise in order to gather information (Andros and Karone have both done this in the past; Andros wore a simple cloak to hide his face, while Karone disguised herself as her former identity Astronema).

Onyx is also a running theme throughout the entire Power Rangers series as a planet where lost things usually end up.

  • After Kendrix Morgan, the first Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger died, her Quasar Saber also ended up in the wrong hands on Onyx. An auction for it was held at the Onyx Tavern which was overseen by the unnamed Onyx Auctioneer. This lasted until Karone posing as Astronema got it back.

Onyx Tavern


A town on Onyx

The Onyx Tavern is a monster bar on Onyx where monsters usually hang out. It was also where the auction of the Pink Quasar Saber was held. Familiar monsters are seen in its episodes appearances alongside some generic patrons.


Monsters attending the Pink Quasar Saber auction.


  • It seems Onyx is a place where minions of villain groups go to get away from their bosses, due to how much they fear being around them. When Karone pretended to be Astronema, she managed to scare the auction crowd into letting her have the Quasar Saber.
  • For an unknown reason, Onyx seems to be unaffected by Zordon's Energy Wave.
  • Onyx appears in more Power Rangers seasons than any other planet except Earth.[Citation needed]
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