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"I am but a humble ninja serving his one true Master."
―Onikage to Mandilok revealing his allegiance.[src]

"Everything is beyond your control now, Rangers!"
―Onikage after being grown and after Master Org left with Princess Shayla.[src]

"You'll pay for this!"
―Onikage when he recovers from being knocked down by the Pegasus Megazord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Onikage (which translates to Ogre Shadow or Demon Shadow) was a ninja-themed Duke Org.


This devious ninja Duke Org was sent by Master Org to prepare for his arrival by killing the Orgs he believed to have betrayed him. He was believed to be in service of Mandilok, but secretly caused Toxica's death and then betrayed Mandilok as he had him trapped for the Master Org to kill the traitorous Org General.

He fought the Wild Force Rangers with different abilities, most notably spawning shadow clones of his opponents. Any damage done to the Shadow Rangers was felt by the real Power Rangers, leaving them with few options to battle their opponents without harming themselves. When he went to kill the third traitor, Jindrax, Jindrax used the mirror he'd taken from the Nexus earlier (once used by Master Org to view events from afar, it had gone unused since the arrival of Mandilok, who didn't need it with his ability to create holographic screens) to reflect his shadow clone technique back at him. Onikage tried to hold off Shadow Onikage, who he would not be able to harm without harming himself. Taking advantage of this, Cole Evans destroys Shadow Onikage, who was busy attacking the real one, with the Falcon Summoner, which destroyed the original as well, causing the Shadow Rangers to harmlessly vanish. Before dying, Onikage compliments Cole on his ninja-like move.

Master Org resurrects Onikage who transports the Rangers to the Org Spirit World, but the Wildzords come on their own and form the Pegasus Megazord which destroys him. Tvicon.png TV STORY- The Master's Herald


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Powers and Abilities


  • Invisibility: Onikage can turn invisible at will.
  • Teleportation: Onikage can teleport at will.
  • Illusions: Onikage has the ability to create illusions.
    • Communication Hologram: Through his illusion, Onikage was able to make a hologram of himself to communicate with the Rangers.
  • Ninja Scarecrow: Onikage can create a ninja scarecrow to trick his opponents.
  • Enlarging: Onikage can enlarge himself at will without having to use Toxica's magic as demonstrated by his illusion clone.
  • Shadow Cloning: Onikage can create a blue light to make evil clones of the Rangers out of their shadows. Any harm done to a clone is done to the original as well. The downside is that this ability can be against him used as shown when Jindrax reflected the light on him, which created a shadow clone out of him. When Cole destroyed the clone, the real Onikage was killed in the process.
  • Explosion Creation: Onikage has the ability to create a large explosion.
  • Water Adaptation: Onikage is able to traverse through water, which he was seen emerging from when he grew giant.
  • Eye Blasts: Onikage can shoot blue energy blasts from his single eye.


  • Strength: Onikage was able to send Jindrax flying with a strong kick to the chest.
  • Tunneling: By spinning around, Onikage can tunnel his way underground.
  • Stealth: Being a ninja-themed Org, Onikage possesses great stealth, allowing him to show up and leave without notice. Also, as part of his plan, he provided Toxica and Jindrax with black ninja suits which allowed them to go anywhere undetected as well.
  • Deception: Onikage was able to deceive Mandilok into thinking he is on his side and later trick Toxica into cutting off her horn.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Onikage can jump at incredible heights.


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  • Katana: Onikage uses a katana-style sword in combat.
    • Energy Slash: Onikage can unleash a massive yellow energy slash from his katana.
      • Lightning Effect: The energy slash from Onikage's katana was strong enough to damage Jindrax with purple lightning.
    • Org Spirit World Transportation: Onikage can split himself in half with his katana and create a giant hand that can transport the Rangers to the Org Spirit World.

      Onikage's Katana

  • Teleportation Bomb: Onikage uses a bomb that lets him and others next to him teleport through an explosion.
  • Bazooka: Onikage also uses a bazooka to fire red energy blasts at his targets.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name is a combination of Oni (鬼), the Japanese word for ogre/demon, and Kage (影), for shadow.
    • Likewise, it can also mean Ox Shadow.
  • In Brazilian version, his name pronounces, in English, as "Oni-Cage" (Ogre-Cage/Demon-Cage).


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