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Oni Cave Matrix (鬼洞窟マトリックス Oni Dōkutsu Matorikkusu) is the cave headquarters of the Ogre Tribu Org .


It can be reached by traveling underground from a certain location. It is a cave filled with various stone statues representing the Orgs. Several of these statues are actually potential Highnesses Org, absorbed into the Org Spirits until the day he wakes up to become the new Org leader. Quest 02: Divine Spirit-King, Rise Up!!Quest 14: The Soul Bird CriesQuest 31: The Hundred-Beast Sentai, Annihilated!!

It's main central focal point is the Org Master, a massive stone head that the Orgs treat as their leader due to its power to create Orgs, but in actuality is a figurehead that supplies an endless supply of Org Souls flowing through the planet with the true leader being the Highnesses and their combined form: Ultimate Org Senki.Quest 48: Those Guys Return to Life

It's location is hidden from the knowledge of the Gaoranger; though Tetomu nearly discovers it, the team loses the trail due to the actions of Duke Org Yabaiba.Quest 46: The New Year Attacks

During the climax of the battle with the Orgs, the Gaoranger are forced to find the Matrix, particularly after the three Highness Duke Orgs return and continue to empower themselves with the spirits of Org Hell supplied by the Org Master. With Tetomu and Fuutaro finding the Matrix, they enter and shut down the supply in order to stop their rampage. After their final combined form of Senki is finally stopped by the Gaoranger and the hundred Power Animals, the unstable Matrix caves in and collapses, destroying itself while killing TsueTsue and Yabaiba in the process.Quest 49: The Matrix ClosesFinal Quest: The Hundred Beasts Roar!!

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