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Oni Bōma (オニボーマ Oni Bōma, 10) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who ultimately works with Dark Boma Zimba

Character History

A Bōma Beast who summoned Aka Oni and Aoi Oni to aid him in plundering wealth from people around Mt Ashigara to give to Lagorn. However, Oni Bōma was sealed by Kintaro and ended up in modern times within a samurai doll that ended up in the possession of Takata Kinzo and his grandson Daisuke. Sensing Oni Bōma, Zimba releases the Bōma Beast as he takes the Kinzo family's horse Kuro as his steed and resumes his plundering. However, tracking him to his lair, the Turborangers manage to hold the other Bōma at bay while Blue Turbo fights Oni Bōma after Daisuke manages to free Kuro from the Bōma Beast's curse by making it remember its alliance before Yohei removes the Boma spell card controlling it. After being hit by the J-Gun/Turbo Laser combo and Plasma Shoot, an enlarged Oni Bōma is destroyed by Turbo Robo.


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As an oni-like Boma Beast, he possesses many oni attributes such as massive strength and a double-headed kanabo weapon; he likewise can summon two servants, Akaoni and Aooni, to assist in combat and in his collecting of jewels.

Behind the Scenes


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