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One-Eyed Bōma (ヒトツメボーマ Hitotsume Bōma) (46) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes.

Character History

One-Eyed Boma is set up as the means to complete the final revival of Great Boma Emperor Lagorn by creating a world by which the Turboranger and Wandering Boma can continue to fight while gathering both the fairy and Boma energy for the return of the Boma leader. Creating an illusion "Fairy Gate" to lead into Fairy World, both fall for the ploy lead by Haruna who is told the legend of the Love Stone of Fairy World thinking it would be the means by which to end the human/Boma war once and for all. However by the time that Haruna finds the fake Love Stone, Lagorn had completed his energy collection and used One-Eyed Boma's work to become Neo-Lagorn, upon which he seals away the power of both the Turborangers and the Wandering Boma. With very little fairy power remaining, the Turboranger turn their power over to Pink Turbo due to her guilt of leading the entire team into this trap, which she uses to destroy One-Eyed Boma, then with the untransformed team's help destroy the Boma Beast completely with Turbo Rugger.


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Its main ability is the usage of its sole eye as a projector to create illusions that those who see them can become trapped within.

Behind the Scenes


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