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"Piggyback Ghost!"
―Onbu-Obake's first words

Onbu-Obake (オンブオバケ Onbuokake, Piggyback Ghost) Ohranger vs. Kakuranger is a Yokai who teams up Buldont for a battle with his father Emperor Bacchus Wrath

Character History

A powerful Youkai that was allied with Buldont in order to win a contest to defeat the Ohranger before his father. Buldont brought him in for a contest he and his father Bacchus-Rage were having to see who can kill the Ohrangers first. Buldont had upgraded Onbu-Obake with Baranoia technology, after having found Onbu-Obake from researching the occult. During his first giant battle, he is able to easily survive all of the attacks that OhRanger mecha threw at him, mostly due to the OhRanger being designed to defeat Machine Beasts, and not Yokai.

In a duel with Bara Gear, he piloted OhBlocker while Bara Gear piloted Ohranger Robo. Onbu-Obake could enlarge himself to the size of the Robos without the use of lightning. Onbu-Obake was creepy and perverted, with a fetish for young, pretty girls, whom he would abduct to take their souls with a few licks from his extendable tongue.

His human guise is a clown and his powers include possession and absorption attacks. He also scared Ganmazin away by showing him his spiritual form. The Kakuranger and Ohranger both joined forces in order to defeat both he and Bara Gear.

After Buldont and Bacchus made a truce, Onbu-Obake and Bara Gear merged to form Onbu-Gear (オンブハグルマ Onbuhaguruma). He survived OhBlocker's Twin Blocken Crash, but went dizzy after OhBlocker, OhRanger Robo and Red Puncher tossed Tackleboy around so many times. This left OhBlocker open to use Tackle Boy to finally destroy the monsters forever. Chouriki Sentai Ohranger: Ole vs. Kakuranger


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Onbu-Obake is voiced by Masahiro Anzai who had previously voiced Zyuoh in Choudenshi Bioman.


  • It's main ability is to become a supremely powerful and heavy weight on whoever it possesses: latching onto their back, it weighs them down to the point of exhaustion. Due to its nature as a Yokai, it is mostly immune to the energies of Super-Power; though not immune to the spiritual energies utilized by the Kakurangers.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Onbu-Obake along with Bara Gear are the first two Super Sentai VS movie monsters to have American counterparts.

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