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―Word´s Omoteuria while attack[src]

Omoteuria (オモテウリャー Omoteuriyā) is one of the Players from Team Quval. He has a second face called Two Face on the back of his head and his Blood Game involves using the hidden desires of world leaders. 

Character History

Ep. 32: Double Sided Heart

Ep. 41: The First and The Last Chance


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Powers and Abilities

  • Two Face (ツーフェイス Tsūfēisu): A face located on the back of Omoteuria's head that allows him to see behind him and shoot a beam from the back side.
  • Claw: Omoteuria's primary weapon, his hands have sharp nails which allows him to hack & slash.
  • Physical Reversi! (物理リバーシ! Butsuri Ribāshi): Allows Omoteuria to shoot a beam from both of his hands to make his target turn around.
  • Super Reversi! (スーパーリバーシ! Sūpā Ribāshi): Allows Omoteuria to shoot a beam from both of his hands to make his target spinning continously.
  • Combo:Reversi! (リバーシ! Ribāshi): A Combo Move in which Omoteuria fires a beam from his chest or back to make the target become evil.


  • Medal Slot: Left shoulder (on His True Side).
  • Blood Game: Amplifying the hidden sides of world leaders.
  • Genre: Morality Games

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art

  • Like all Zyuohger enemies, Omoteuria shares elements from past sentai villains. One of the most noteworthy is Debo Kyawaeen from Kyoryuger in the sense they both have two forms, one to match their fake personality, and one to match how they really are.
    • It's possession of two forms that are front/back to each other is likewise similar to Goriwashigin from Fiveman
  • Omoteuria's design and ability to cause a personality change may also draw inspiration from and be a reference to Jekyll and Hyde, the titular split personalities of the Scottish novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; this likewise exists with the similarly themed Hyde Monster from Battle Fever J
    • Additionally, his ability to affect people's personalities may reference Jihanki Jigen from Jetman.


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