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The Omegamax Cycle is a futuristic Zord piloted by Sam


The Cycle has the ability to travel through time, fire lasers, ram obstacles or villains and can be ridden by the Delta Squad Megazord and also combine into the Delta Max Megazord of which it forms the head and chest coverings, hands and legs.

It is possible for another S.P.D. Ranger to summon and pilot the Cycle if necessary as it is once piloted by Jack Landors though at first he found it difficult to control due to its speed.

Appearances: S.P.D. Episodes 22-23, 25-26, 28-32, 37


The Omegamax Cycle was created in a future where the B-Squad S.P.D. Rangers where defeated by Shorty, Morgana and Devastation. Sent back in time with the S.P.D. Omega Ranger. In its first battle, the Omegamax Cycle appeared during the Delta Command Megazord's battle with Shorty. Due to the large size of the Delta Command Megazord, Shorty was over powering the S.P.D Rangers. S.P.D. Omega Ranger and the Omegamax Cycle appeared to help the S.P.D. Rangers and transformed from Omegamax Cycle Mode to Omegamax Megazord Mode. The Omegamax Megazord could defend against Shorty's attacks then finished him with the Omegamax Spin-Out Attack.

Omegamax Megazord[]

The Omegamax Megazord is the Omegamax Cycle's Megazord Mode. Its main weapons are powerful blades mounted on its wrists which can literally slice through enemies or send them flying with a small shockwave; the hands on its chest can reflect and/or dampen attacks. The Megazord also has the ability to jump into the air for a limited time. Its finishing move is the Omegamax Spin-Out Attack where it charges forward before flying into the air and spins downwards while using its blades to slash through targets.

Appearances: S.P.D. Episodes 22-23, 25, 28-32, 37

Alternate Formations[]

Delta Squad Megazord Riding Omegamax Cycle[]

This combination allows the Delta Squad Megazord to ride on the Omegamax Cycle. Riding it gives the Delta Squad Megazord a speed boost and increases the power of the Delta Blaster.

The Rangers first used this mode to defeat Devastation and the Robot of Destruction.

It's later used against Dragoul briefly before the Omegamax Megazord is formed.

Appearances: S.P.D. Episodes 22-23, 26, 28-29, 32

Additional Formations[]

Delta Max Megazord[]

The Delta Max Megazord is a combination of the Delta Squad and Omegamax Megazords. It is a very powerful Megazord defeating nearly every enemy only failing to defeat Gigabot and Second Dragoul. Its armed with Boosters for a quick jump. Its finisher can be activated in Hyperspeed Mode which is used for smashing enemies and destroying them with a Full Power punching attack. It was first used against Mysticon's Horned Robot.

Appearances: S.P.D. Episodes 23, 26, 28-29, 31-32

Behind the Scenes[]


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