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"You're in my crosshairs now, Rangers! Time to meet your destiny. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!"
Evox to the Beast Morpher Rangers upon arriving in the Omegadrone.[src]

Omegadrone is a weapon-themed Gigadrone and Evox's personal Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2. It appears in the episode "Crunch Time", the first part of the three-part series finale of Power Rangers Beast Morphers and is the final Gigadrone to appear in the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, be built by Scrozzle, and overall the final Gigadrone of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers series.


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At the time of the final attack by Robo-Roxy, the Gigadrone was still under construction although Scrozzle stated that it would be done soon. This scene was replayed through Robo-Roxy's memory disc, which was salvaged after her demise in the following episode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fossil Frenzy

Full construction on Omegadrone was completed shortly after Railtron 2.0's death and Evox deployed it into Coral Harbor. Once it was picked up by the Gigadrone Detectors, the Racer Zord, Chopper Zord, Wrecker Zord, Wheeler Zord, and Jet Zord all deployed to fight it and they formed the Beast-X and Striker Megazords. However, they were unable to attack it immediately after its arrival due to it unleashing a blinding light and blasting them. Overwhelmed, they were pushed back into the country so they had to lure it into a trap. The said trap was sprung when the Striker Megazord came in from behind and hit it with the Crane Crash hard enough to make it fall into the Grid Battleforce Zord hangar.

Commander Shaw remotely sealed the hangar doors shut once the Megazords got inside but the Megazords were too cramped to attack although Omegadrone could use an eye beam. In spite of this, they were able to push back the Gigadrone with the Beast-X Blade and the Striker Megazord's Rapid Blast although it used its tentacles to start destroying the hangar. With the hangar collapsing around them, Omegadrone blasted the two Megazords back but the Beast-X Meagzord grabbed it. With most of the Megazord's systems failing, Devon summoned the Beast-X King Zord to help which arrived in Battle Mode and all three Megazords were able to push Omegadrone back. With Cruise overloading, Devon needed to finish it with the Cheetah Beast Blaster but Omegadrone overloaded and exploded, taking all three Megazords with it. In spite of this, the Rangers survived and took Evox into custody by holding him at bay with the Beast-X Blasters and teleporting him to a secure cell using the Mega Transporters. However, this all played into Evox's endgame since Omegadrone was merely a setup for the Rangers to capture him without making it look too easy and making Grid Battleforce suspicious. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Crunch Time

Powers and Abilities

Being the final Gigadrone of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers series, Omegadrone is one of the strongest and most powerful Gigadrones in the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, as well as one of the strongest and most powerful Gigadrones in the entire Power Rangers Beast Morphers series. It took the power of three Megazords to overpower it.


  • Eye Laser: This Gigadrone can fire powerful red-pink colored energy lasers from its right eye.
  • Light Projection: When it first arrived in the city, Omegadrone was surrounded by a blazing golden light that temporarily blinded the Rangers.
  • Cannon Blasts: Omegadrone can fire powerful orange-yellow colored energy blasts from the cannons mounted on its torso and thighs that were able to push back both Megazords with one shot when fired at point blank range.


  • Strength: Being the final Gigadrone of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers series, as well as Evox's personal Gigadrone, the Omegadrone has tremendous strength that is far greater than any other Gigadrones fought by the Rangers previously, being able to knock away the Beast-X Blade with one swing and knock back the Megazord with two punches.
  • Armor: Omegadrone has thick armor that was hit hard by the Striker Megazord's Crane Crash and fell into a hangar onto concrete but it was still able to fight.


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  • Spiked Fists: Omegadrone possesses spikes on its fists that it can use in combat against its enemies.
    • Tentacles: Omegadrone can sprout powerful tentacles from its hand capable of destroying the Grid Battleforce Hangar.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Omegadrone is Evox's most powerful Gigadrone.
  • Omegadrone is the first Gigadrone to be fought by the entire Zord fleet.
  • Omegadrone is one of only two Gigadrones (three if Blaze's Megazord counts as a Gigadrone and Chimera Zord is not counted as a Gigadrone) that was piloted, the other being Infernodrone (which was piloted by Scrozzle).
  • Omegadrone is very similar to Lorthorzord from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, seeing as both are large mechs piloted by the main villain of the show (Lothorzord: Lothor, Omegadrone: Evox).
  • Omegadrone is the only Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers to be shown standing after its destruction.
  • In Go-Busters, Enter (Blaze's counterpart) pilots MegaZord Omega instead of Messiah.
  • Omegadrone's cockpit was reused from the Chimera Zord, but with recolored elements.


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