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Olympius Ascends is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It is the beginning of the three-episode story arc which marks the first appearance of Olympius.


Impus completes his transformation into Olympius, who has captured four Rangers, and infiltrates the Aquabase by posing as them. His plot is uncovered by Carter, who weakens him with water, and frees his friends.


As the cocoon holding Impus moves to an unknown location, the Rangers follow it inside the Rescue Rover, only to be thrown out of it when the cocoon fires at them. The cocoon fires at nearby construction workers, causing Carter to tell Ryan to go and help them while the others go after the cocoon. After the five Rangers morph, they chase after the cocoon only to be confronted by Loki, Vypra, Jinxer, and a squad of Battlings. Carter orders the Rangers to ignore them and they fire at the cocoon with the Rescue Blasters. At first, it seems to work as the cocoon explodes and leaves a fiery crater in the middle of the road. However, a being rises from the crater, revealing himself to be Olympius, the evolved form of Impus. Olympius orders the Rangers to bow down to him, but Carter refuses as he jumps to attack the demon. However, Olympius proves to be too powerful for the Ranger as he pins Carter down with his foot and fires at the others when they try and help him. Carter continues to try and fight Olympius, but the latter proves how out of his league he his by tossing him through a crate of barrels. Then, Olympius sets his sights on the other Rangers, absorbing them into his Star Power before going after Carter. Just before he could absorb Carter, Olympius collapses in pain as he used up his powers, forcing the demons to retreat to the Demon World. Ryan runs to Carter and brings his friend up to his feet, but the latter is more concerned about the others.

In the Demon World, Olympius reciprocates from the battle and mentions that soon, the planets will be aligned for his mother’s reawakening. Vypra and Loki swear loyalty to the prince and want to destroy the captured Rangers, but Olympius has plans for them as he wants to infiltrate the Aquabase. While Loki reminds Olympius that Demons lose their power when in contact with water, the latter reveals that he can change into the captured Rangers thanks to his Star Power.

At the Aquabase, Ryan reveals that he never remembered much of Olympius as he was young when under the Demon’s influence, but he does know that Queen Bansheera gave Diabolico the Star Power that her son now holds. That means Olympius has the same power as Diabolico had before, and Ryan fears that if the former learns how to control said power, he could be a bigger threat. Suddenly, a Lightspeed staff gets Chad’s signal, with Carter going after it. Carter manages to find Chad, unaware that it is Olympius in disguise, and takes him back to the Aquabase. While Carter goes back to Rescue Ops to look for the others, Olympius contacts Vypra that he is inside the base, and orders her to bring her army to the secret entrance. To give Vypra some extra muscle, Jinxer introduces her to Thunderclaw. To try and keep the entrance clear, Olympius changes into Kelsey and lies to Carter and Ryan that the others are safe and sound. When a suspicious Carter asks Kelsey!Olympius on how she knew about the search party, the latter claimed that it was under an assumption.

Kelsey!Olympius tries to access a computer in the bridge, but finds out he cannot do so without passkey. Kelsey!Olympius goes into Captain Mitchell’s office to find one, but when he hears the latter coming in, the prince transforms into Dana to avoid suspicion. Meanwhile, the Demon army arrives at the entrance, only to see that it is still locked and Thunderclaw is unable to budge the door. Vypra tells Olympius that they are at the door waiting for them, but to get to access panel, he changes into Joel. Joel!Olympius nearly gets caught by Ms. Fairweather, but he manages to open the gate, with Ryan and Carter taking notice. Seeing the Demon army outside, Carter orders Ms. Fairweather to close the gate, which she does so before Thunderclaw could storm the base. In a rage, Joel!Olympius tosses Ms. Fairweather aside, only for Carter to confront the former as it is clear that this is not the Joel he is looking at. Joel!Olympius takes Ms. Fairweather hostage and turns back to his original form, and demands the passkey from Carter, with the latter reluctantly doing so. Fortunately, Ryan manages to tackle Olympius so Ms. Fairweather escapes, and Carter knocks the passkey out of the prince’s hands. After a brief wrestle, Carter pushes Olympius into the water pool, severely weakening the prince as they wash away onto the beach and the Star Power releases the other Rangers. The other Demons teleport to the beach and they take a weakened Olympius back to the Demon World while leaving Thunderclaw behind to deal with the Rangers. Carter morphs as the Rangers take on Thunderclaw, only to find out that he is a tough monster to beat. Fortunately, Carter manages to use the Battle Booster to give himself more strength, and he knocks down Thunderclaw before the others join him in using the V-Lancer Spectra Blast to destroy the Demon.

However, Jinxer uses a growth card on Thunderclaw’s remains, reviving and growing the Demon monster. The Rangers summon the Rescue Zords and form the Lightspeed Megazord, while Ryan comes to their aid in the Max Solarzord. The Max Solarzord manages to overpower Thunderclaw, and then, they combine the two Megazords to form the Lightspeed Solarzord, using its cannons to destroy the Demon.

Angry by this loss, Vypra and Loki passive aggressively tell Olympius that he needs to grow up and learn from this defeat. However, Olympius comments that he does not have much time to do so as Queen Bansheera will be retuning soon. Back at the Aquabase, the Rangers confront Carter in the garage area about letting Olympius enter the base. Despite Carter trying to defend himself, the four push him back into the pool, revealing that it was just a joke, with the former splashing them for good measure.



  • Olympius makes his chronological debut here, while already appearing in Power Rangers In 3D.
  • This episode is very similar to "Destined for Greatness" from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy where Impus capturing the Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Lightspeed Rangers is very similar to the Skelekron Monster capturing the Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Lost Galaxy Rangers.
  • When Olympius is disguised as a Ranger, the skin tone is always paler with red bags under the eyes as a visual cue that he is an impostor.

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