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"Tricera Fury, Blue Ranger!"
―Roll call[src]

Ollie Akana is the son of archaeologist, Dr. Lani Akana, who becomes the second Dino Fury Blue Ranger, and the second Blue Ranger of the Dino Fury Rangers.

Character History

Becoming a Power Ranger

"Alright! We're...We're Power Rangers!"
―Ollie after morphing into the Dino Fury Blue Ranger for the first time.[src]

Amelia and Ollie became rangers for the first time.

Ollie and his mother went to discover the mysterious Dinohenge, but also ended up meeting with Amelia after he was shot by her electromagnetic net-gun. They witnessed the Void Knight break into a mysterious underground base and followed him to find a strange futuristic underground facility and the Void Knight confronted a Solonsaurus named Solon and a strange Red Ranger. After the Void Knight threatened Solon, Ollie intervened with a Chromafury Saber that he got off the wall and Amelia shot him with her Spook Snare. However, when Solon tried to give them the Hengemen Key, the Void Knight caught it and used it to turn them into his foot soldiers. Amelia and Ollie were overwhelmed and cornered until the Sabers equipped them with the Dino Fury Morphers. Solon equipped them with their Dino Fury Keys and they used them to transform. Together with the help of the newly reawakened Zayto, they defeated the Hengemen and forced the Void Knight to flee. Zayto then revealed the history of the Dino Fury Rangers and both Amelia and Ollie agreed to become permanent Power Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

His refusal to listen to Zayto leads to him putting his own mother in danger. Luckily, he realizes the importance of teamwork.

Later Adventures

During a camping trip, he shows off high tech gear that the rest of the team regards as useless. None the less, he tries to fashion an arrow from the devices in order to bring down Void Knight's balloon when it jams all communications in town, including the Rangers' teleportation. Despite an initial failure, he succeeds in destroying the balloon with a crossbow.

After Amelia's anger is increased by Tombtress's Mood Blast and she blames everything on him, he himself becomes a victim of the Mood Blast, which makes him unreasonably happy. He is cured of this when Tombtress is destroyed.

Void Knight's Endgame & Identity Exposed

Ollie, along with the other Rangers, would observe his mom luring in Void Knight's crew to sabotage their plans. However, it immediately went awry and Zayto had to save her. He and the remaining Rangers then fight against Boomtower one last time. He managed to escape capture by Void Knight.

He would later arrive in Dinohenge and witness Void Knight's scheme of using the Morphin Grid to power his machine. Ollie would then work together with his mom to save the others, using Sprint Dino Key to destroy both the statues of Dinohenge and sleepy cuffs on the Rangers. However, his actions caused their connection to Morphin Grid to be severed and thus had his secret identity exposed to his mom.

After the team defeated Void Knight, Ollie reunites with his mom, who is so proud of him. He and the other Rangers would later have their powers and connection to the Grid restored by the Green Morphin Master, before morphing with the team to deal with a Sporix Beast.


Ollie is confident, logical and sensible, and is never afraid to share his opinions on any matter. He's also a bit impetuous, at one point going off on his own to find Sporix without his teammates' assistance. However, his disbelief in the superstition can come across as rude towards the Rangers, especially on Amelia, who is a believer on ideals like that.


Powers and Abilities

  • Martial Arts Experience: Ollie has three-years worth of karate experience prior to becoming a Ranger.
  • Fencing: Ollie has six-years worth of fencing experience prior to becoming a Ranger, which he utilizes when wielding a Chromafury Saber in battle.
  • Master Tactician: Ollie is able to come up with good battle plans, which he demonstrated during the Megazord fight against Vypeera by using the abilities of the Zords and Boost Keys to block her chest eyes.


Dino Fury Blue Ranger

This is Ollie’s primary Ranger form that was granted by the use of the Blue Dino Fury Key. It is based on a Triceratops.




  • Tricera Fury Strike: By inserting the spare Tricera Dino Key in the Chromafury Saber, Dino Fury Blue gathers all of the Tricera Blade Zord's power and executes an extremely powerful energy slash, that takes the form of Tricera Blade's head.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 1-22

Dino Fury Black Ranger



This Form is exclusively to Dino Fury Episodes 19

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Hyper Dino Key

The Hyper Dino Key allows Ollie to unleash a powerful roaring attack and increase his attacking power, as well as slash energy crescents freely.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 2, 12

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Sonic Dino Key

The Sonic Dino Key allows Ollie to enhance his sense of hearing.

Appearance: Dino Fury Episode 3

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Reverse Dino Key

The Reverse Dino Key allows Ollie to repair recently broken objects.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 3

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Shield Dino Key

The Shield Dino Key allows Ollie to become invulnerable to any form of attack.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 4, 19, 21

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Elasto Dino Key

The Elasto Dino Key allows Ollie to stretch his body & become flexible, and as an armament it allows Ollie stretch his arm or the blade of his Chromafury Saber freely.

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 7, 9, 14-15, 20

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Spin Dino Key

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 14

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Sprint Dino Key

Appearance: Dino Fury S1 Episode 21-22

Dino Fury Key

Dino Fury Blue Ranger Key

The Dino Fury Blue Ranger Key is based on the Dino Fury Blue Ranger. Using this key in the Dino Fury Morpher lets him transform into his perspective Ranger form. This key is only exclusive by Hasbro toyline.

Behind the Scenes

"A logical thinker who's never afraid to share his opinion, Ollie joins the Dino Fury team as the Blue Ranger.[1]"
―Official description from toy packaging.[src]

"Ollie is a confident, logical skeptic who’s never afraid to share his opinion and always needs to prove he’s right. Growing up, he traveled the globe with his archaeologist mom, Dr. Akana. Ollie doesn’t believe that there’s anything that can’t be proven or explained by science.[2]"
―Official description from PR website.[src]


  • Ollie is portrayed by Kai Moya. While Javi was switched to Ollie's body by Boneswitch, he was voiced by Chance Perez.
  • As Dino Fury Blue, his suit actor in Super Sentai footage from Ryusoulger is Masashi Takada (高田 将司 Takada Masashi) (who previously served as one of the suit actors for Ravi Shaw), & Shinya Saito in US footage. His stunt double is Shun Yamashita[3].
  • As the Black Ranger, his suit actor in the Ryusoulger footage is Yasuhiro Takeuchi (竹内康博 Takeuchi Yasuhiro) & Mitsuki Honda in the US footage.

Concept Art

Dino Fury Blue Ranger's Official Artwork


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