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Old Foes is the fourteenth episode and Halloween special of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It features the return of Lord Zedd and debut of Reaghoul and the Spin Dino Key.


Ollie boasts to his friends that he’s afraid of nothing! But when the other Dino Fury Rangers are captured by a formidable foe, Ollie realizes his biggest fear.[2]


In Area 62, a mysterious hooded figure sneaks up to Void Knight's machine to take the Sporix. However, before he can do so, Void Knight, Mucus and Slyther arrived to stop the figure from stealing the Sporix. The cloaked figure then reveals himself as Lord Zedd and begins attacking the three, leaving Void Knight confused as he thought the Emperor of Evil was already long gone. Zedd states that he returned with vengeance and prepared to destroy Void Knight, but he stopped when Reaghoul appeared, telling him to stand down. This shocks Slyther and Mucus, as Zedd is revealed to be working for Reaghoul. The sorcerer then reveals that he resurrected Zedd at his most evil moment using his magic, which can bring back any being from any time and any world. He showcases this by bringing back Brineblast and Wolfgang. He also put a compliance collar to command Zedd, which impressed Slyther and Mucus. Void Knight then makes a deal with Reaghoul: he will give one Sporix to Reaghoul, but in exchange the sorcerer must capture the Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, in BuzzBlast, Jane and the others are preparing for the Halloween dance party. The Rangers themselves are busy preparing their Halloween costume: Ollie is an astronaut, Amelia is a vampire, Javi is the Warden, and Izzy is a leprechaun. Zayto, on the other hand, thinks about being a cardboard box since the Rafkonians don't celebrate Halloween. Amelia assures that they will find him a good costume, but not clowns since she's scared of them. Javi jokingly argues that spiders are way scarier (with Zayto saying that Rafkonian spiders are very scary). Izzy then said zombies are total nightmare fuel, but Ollie shrugs it off since Izzy can logically just outrun the zombies. Amelia then asked if Ollie is actually scared of anything, to which he answered that he got nerves of steel. The others then give Ollie a challenge: they will make a haunted trail for him and see if he's actually fearless. Ollie agrees to it.

The Rangers set the trail up in the woods and have Ollie walk down the path. Just when he leaves, Brineblast teleports down, forcing the Rangers to morph. However, Lord Zedd, Reaghoul, and Wolfgang teleport behind them as the former tosses Sleepy Cuffs on them. They latch onto the Rangers and force them to fall asleep. However, Reaghoul notices Ollie missing and sends Brineblast and Wolfgang into the woods to find him. As Ollie walks through the Haunted Trail, he is nowhere scared by his friends' lackluster attempt as the two Sporix Beasts confront him. After quickly realizing they were the real deal, Ollie morphs and fights back. Recalling how Mick used a No Howl Drop to silence Wolfgang's howl attack, Ollie contacts Solon and asks for one. Solon teleports down and gives Ollie a drop, allowing him to throw it into Wolfgang's throat and silence his howls again.

With Solon giving Ollie moral support, the Blue Ranger strikes Brineblast and Wolfgang down and causes them to explode. However, the two reappear thanks to Reaghoul's regeneration energy, forcing Ollie to step it up. He uses the Spin Key to disorient Brineblast and uses the Elasto Key to strike at the two with a powerful stab, causing them to explode again.

Ollie goes back to Dinohenge to find the others, only to see Solon hiding out in the bushes as they see Lord Zedd and Reaghoul guarding the others. Ollie recalls seeing Lord Zedd somewhere before but is confident he could take him out. However, Solon says they must teleport back to base and refuses to call the Zords out of fear of Lord Zedd's strength. Ollie refuses to leave his friends and prepares to fight against Lord Zedd, but Solon quickly teleports him out of the area. Infuriated by Ollie's supposed cowardness, Lord Zedd decides to destroy the other Rangers. However, Reaghoul reminds Zedd of the deal he made with Void Knight and recreates Brineblast and Wolfgang, promising that should Ollie return, he would face all of them.

Back at the base, Ollie is mad that Solon teleported him away, but the latter tells him that he cannot defeat Lord Zedd alone. Still, Ollie does not want to give up on his friends and asks if there is a way to defeat Lord Zedd. Solon says there might be as previous Ranger teams fought against Lord Zedd and investigates the Legendary Ranger Database Mick gave them. Looking through the files, they see Lord Zedd's history as the Emperor of Evil and his countless fights against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Some of these fights included using the Rock of Time to turn the Rangers into children, his many usages of Serpentera, and draining the last of Tommy's Green Ranger powers to create his Dark Rangers. Ollie asks if the Mighty Morphin Rangers ever defeated Lord Zedd for good, but Solon says they did not. Ultimately, Zordon's sacrifice sent the Z Wave across the universe and purged the evil around it. That included Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa being purified of their evilness. While there is no way to recreate that moment, Solon notes how odd it is that Lord Zedd is taking orders from Reaghoul. Ollie recalls the collar around his neck and sees that it's a Compliance Collar, the same one Ryjack used on a revived Vargoyle when fighting the Grid Battleforce Rangers. Seeing this gives Ollie an idea.

Above ground, Mucus teleports down to see the progress and notices Ollie missing. With perfect timing, a morphed Ollie comes back and challenges Lord Zedd. Ollie changes his Chromafury Saber into the Dino Dagger and uses a boomerang technique to have it hit Lord Zedd's collar off him. Now free, Lord Zedd directs his anger towards Reaghoul, only for the latter and Mucus to teleport away. As Brineblast and Wolfgang attack Lord Zedd, Ollie frees his friends, and they awaken. Seeing Lord Zedd decimate the Sporix Beasts, Zayto says that against his better judgement, they should help them defeat the Emperor of Evil. Even with their assistance, Lord Zedd proves to be a challenge with his brute strength. Still, the Rangers manage to slash at Lord Zedd as the latter says they're lucky he does not have his Z Staff. Lord Zedd then takes his leave, promising to return one day and destroy the Earth.

With Lord Zedd gone, Brineblast and Wolfgang turn on the group and grow giant-sized as Zayto, Ollie, and Amelia summon their Zords. They surround the Sporix Beasts and attack them before forming the Dino Charge Megazord Blade Formation. Even with the extra opponent, the Rangers overpower them and destroy them with the Double Mega Slash. Meanwhile, Void Knight puts Reaghoul into an electric cell as punishment for his failure. Still, Void Knight has plans for Reaghoul in the future as the latter sleeps due to the Sleepy Cuffs. Also, Mucus said she lost all trace of Lord Zedd and believes he could be at the other end of the universe.

Back at Dinohenge, Solon gets to see the Rangers in their costumes. Zayto comes out of room, dressed up as an Earth-based knight. Ollie admits that he did not want to admit being fearful, but after facing off against Lord Zedd, his biggest fear was losing his friends. Touched by that, they join for a group hug before teleporting to the party.


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