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Okamirugin (オオカミルギン Ōkamirugin) is the wolf-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Ookamirugin is brought in by Billion to help keep track of the Crystalian known as Saya, who had used her telepathic abilities to try and contact Gaku and hoped to use Fiveman to escape and try to recreate her homeworld of Crystal. Using its tracking abilities, the Galactic Warrior finds Gaku and Saya, attacking with ferocity with its radar abilities and lupine instinct. After FiveRed takes a harsh bite from Ookamirugin to try and stop it, Saya decides to sacrifice herself, using her Crystal Power to hold down Ookamirugin long enough for it to be pummeled and destroyed by the Brother Attack finisher. After Billion uses Gorlin #07 to become a giant Ookamirugin, it is quickly destroyed by FiveRobo.


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  • Ookamirugin is suited for hunting, possessing extreme hearing, scent, and infer-red vision alongside sharp teeth and claws like a wolf; it also has a powerful means of tracking, sending out a howl that creates a laser-like radar that locks on and attacks its intended target.

Behind the Scenes


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