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""What a nice day for rain.""
―Okakurage's first words when arriving on Earth and before unleashing his storm clouds of dispair.[src]
""Humans that have passed under my rain are in bliss...although they get a taste of the greatest grief. They fall into despair and lose hope. How wonderful.""
―Okakurage when confronting the Shinkengers and revealing his philosophy.[src]
""What is this?!""
―Okakurage reacting to Chiaki coming through the air towards him using his giant Wood Spear and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""I'll crush you all.""
―Okakurage when he enlarged.[src]
"I have fallen into despair!"
―Okakurage whilst plumetting to the ground after his umbrella head was shot off and his final words before his death[src]

Okakurage (オカクラゲ, Okakurage, 10): Okakurage is an Ayakashi armed with the Sakasarokkotsu Tansō (逆六骨短槍, Inversed Six-Boned Short-Spear), using it to conjure rain storms whose rain drops induce despair on those it rains on, calling it a blessing. Okakurage can also unfold the umbrella on his head to fly and thus have an advantage over his land-based opponents. Okakurage was destroyed by Chiaki with his "Wood" Character Slash. When he grew in his second life, he overwhelmed ShinkenOh until DaiTenku is formed for the first time from the Kabuto, Kajiki, and Tora Origamis to counter the Ayakashi in the air. They shot off his umbrella head with a blast of energy from it's crown before finishing him off with it's DaiTenku Great Attack.

Due to his umbrella like head, he is the basis of the Kasabake (傘化け) of Japanese myth.


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