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""Tsuru tsuru! A crane (tsuru) lives for 1000 years but it is a lie tsuru. Turtle.""
―Oil Banki's final words before his destruction.[src]

Oil Banki (オイルバンキ Oiru Banki): An Oil Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who can create a really slippery oil slick on the city, incapacitating not only normal ground vehicles but also Engine-Oh G6. After being defeated by Toripter and Jetras, Hiramechimedes asks if he can take over Oil Banki, to which Kegaleshia refuses. Hiramechimedes upgrades Oil Banki, but he seemingly has no change. When in battle, Hiramechimedes grants wings to Oil Banki to fight the Wing Engines. But using mops to counter the oil slick, Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh destroy Oil Banki.



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