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Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger (王様戦隊キングオージャー Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā) is a Japanese Tokusatsu-drama and the 47th installment in Toei Company's Super Sentai Series. The series premiered on March 5, 2023, joining Kamen Rider GeatsIcon-crosswiki in the Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki line-up after the finale of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. After the finale of Geats, King-Ohger was joined by Kamen Rider GotchardIcon-crosswiki on September 3, 2023. The series would later end in February 2024, being replaced by Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger in the Super Hero Time block.

The first half of the show is themed around bugs, insects, arachnids, arthropods, invertebrates and royalty. The second half is themed around space.

The show is dubbed in South Korea as Power Rangers Kingdom Force (파워레인저 킹덤포스 Pawoleinjeo Kingdeomposeu?). Prior to that parts of toyline were sold under the title Power Rangers King-Ohger (파워레인저 킹오저 Pawoleinjeo king-ojeo?).


The trademark for the series was filed by Toei Company on September 21, 2022.[1] As part of the buildup to the series, the official King-Ohger Twitter showcased other past Rangers with royal monikers, such as Yamato Tribe Prince Geki from Zyuranger,[2] Lord Takeru Shiba from Shinkenger,[3] KingRanger from Ohranger,[4] Kyoryu Red from Kyoryuger having the nickname King,[5] Zyuoh Whale from Zyuohger,[6] Shishi Red Orion from Kyuranger,[7] and Don Momotaro from the preceding Donbrothers,[8] as well as other past Rangers with insect motifs, such as the Gouraigers from Hurricaneger[9] and Beet Buster and Stag Buster from Go-Busters.[10]

On February 14, 2023 at noon JST, Toei held a press conference to reveal the show’s cast, story and crew, hosted by Tomokazu Seki.[11] The series impliments extensive on-set virtual production and LED walls produced in collaboration with Sony PCL Inc.[12] This filmmaking practice was influenced by works like Disney's The Mandalorian and would be the first work in Japan that uses virtual production.[13]


"Once upon a time, 2,000 years ago in the world of Chikyu, an evil force called the Bugnarak invaded and attempted to wipe out humanity. Five brave soldiers appeared and united the powerful Shugods into the guardian spirit King-Ohger to defeat them. Upon victory, the five became kings and built the world into five kingdoms to rule. But, a prophecy foretells that the Bugnarak shall return 2,000 years later to finish their mission of annihilating humanity, and on that day..."

There is an ancient prophecy shared amongst the kingdoms of Chikyu - 2,000 years after their fall, the Earth Empire Bugnarak will once again rise up to kill all humans. However, five kings and their guardian deity, King-Ohger, will stand up to face them. This is the story of kings who will defend Chikyu, as well as a coming-of-age story for one young man who will achieve kingship henceforth.

The six kings have united and fought against the Earth Empire Bugnarak with the guardian God King-Ohger. The battle with Bugnarak is finally coming to an end. And it was supposed to mean a peace that would last for a long time...

But two years later ... a new threat appears from space in front of the six kings! The battle with Bugnarak has been settled, and two years have passed, and a new enemy will appear from space.




King-Ohger (Team)


Main article: King-Ohgers
Designation Name Actor
Kuwagata Ohger Gira Husty Taisei Sakai
Tombo Ohger Yanma Gast Aoto Watanabe
Kamakiri Ohger Hymeno Ran Erica Murakami
Papillon Ohger Rita Kaniska Yuzuki Hirakawa
Hachi Ohger Kaguragi Dybowski So Kaku
Spider Kumonos Jeramie Brasieri Masashi Ikeda
Ohkuwagata Ohger Rcules Husty Masato Yano

Other Rangers

Designation Name Actor
King Kyoryu Red Daigoro Kiryu Rintaro Kawana
Kuwagata Ohger Gira Husty (alternate) Taisei Sakai
Tombo Ohger Yanma Gast (alternate) Aoto Watanabe
Kamakiri Ohger Hymeno Ran (alternate) Erica Murakami
Papillon Ohger Karras Dehaan
Rita Kaniska (alternate)
Rei Yoshii
Yuzuki Hirakawa
Hachi Ohger Iroki
Kaguragi Dybowski (alternate)
Akiko Hinagata
So Kaku
Spider Kumonos Gerojim
Jeramie Brasieri (alternate)
Tomokazu Seki (voice)
Masashi Ikeda
Ohkuwagata Ohger Causus Husty Shido Nakamura II
Evil King Gira Husty (alternate)Evil King Taisei Sakai


Legend Sentai

Main article: Abarangers
AbaRed Ryoga Hakua
AbareBlue Yukito Sanjo
AbareYellow Ranru Itsuki
AbareBlack Asuka
AbareKiller Mikoto Nakadai
Main article: Dekarangers
Designation Name Actor
DekaYellow Marika Reimon Ayumi Kinoshita
DekaPink Koume Kodou Mika Kikuchi
DekaPink Sono2 Ten Haretsuki Amisa Miyazaki
Main article: Kyoryugers
Designation Name Actor
Kyoryu Red Daigo Kiryu Ryo Ryusei
Kyoryu Black Ian Yorkland Syuusuke Saito
Kyoryu Blue Nobuharu Udo Yamato Kinjo
Kyoryu Green Souji Rippukan Akihisa Shiono
Kyoryu Pink Amy Yuuzuki Ayuri Konno
Kyoryu Gold Utsusemimaru Atsushi Maruyama
Kyoryu Cyan Ramirez Robert Baldwin (voice only)
Kyoryu Gray Tessai Masayuki Deai (voice only)
Kyoryu Violet Yayoi Ulshade Marie Iitoyo
Kyoryu Silver Wise God Torin Toshiyuki Morikawa
Main article: Donbrothers
Designation Name Actor
Don Momotaro Taro Momoi Kouhei Higuchi
Saru Brother Shinichi Saruhara Yuuki Beppu
Oni Sister Haruka Kitou Kohaku Shida
Inu Brother Tsubasa Inuzuka Totaro
Kiji Brother Tsuyoshi Kijino Hirofumi Suzuki
Don Doragoku Jiro Momotani Raizou Ishikawa
Don Torabolt
Transformed Sononi Sononi Amisa Miyazaki
Transformed Sonoza Sonoza Shinnosuke Takahashi


Zenkaizer Black Kaito Goshikida




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Transformation Devices/Sidearms

Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons

  • Kings Weapon
    • Shield Mode
    • Sword Mode
    • Gun Mode
    • Sickle Mode
    • Bow Mode
    • Claw Mode
    • Naginata Mode
    • Unnamed scythe mode
  • Venomix Shooter


Other Devices


Main article: Mecha (King-Ohger)

Shugod System

Legend: main mecha, auxiliary mecha, other mecha; see Style Guide for rules on icon colors

Additional Formations


Tarantula Knight

Alternate Formations

King-Ohger (God Kuwagata ZERO Ver.)

King-Ohger ZERO



Main article: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episodes

King-Ohger episodes have no special distinction, as they're referred to just as Episode X (第X話 Dai-X-Wa).

The series is divided into two story arcs. The first arc consists of episodes 1-26 while episodes 27-50 comprise the second arc.

  1. Ep. 1: I am the King (第1話:我は王なり Dai Ichi-wa: Ware wa Ōnari)
  2. Ep. 2: A King for Whose Sake (第2話:誰がための王 Dai Ni-wa: Ta ga Tame no Ō)
  3. Ep. 3: Devotion to Selfishness (第3話:我がままを捧ぐ Dai San-wa: Wagamama o Sasagu)
  4. Ep. 4: A Lordly Reception (第4話:殿のオモテなし Dai Yon-wa: Tono no Omote Nashi)
  5. Ep. 5: The King of Winter is Coming (第5話:冬の王来たる Dai Go-wa: Fuyu no Ō Kitaru)
  6. Ep. 6: Return of the Prince (第6話:王子の帰還 Dai Roku-wa: Ōji no Kikan)
  7. Ep. 7: Wrath of God (第7話:神の怒り Dai Nana-wa: Kami no Ikari)
  8. Ep. 8: King and Prince In Trial by Combat (第8話:王と王子の決闘裁判 Dai Hachi-wa: Ō to Ōji no Kettō Saiban)
  9. Ep. 9: Gira on the Run (第9話:ギラ逃走中 Dai Kyū-wa: Gira Tōsō-chū)
  10. Ep. 10: The Fabled Guardian Deity (第10話:伝説の守護神 Dai Jū-wa: Densetsu no Shugoshin)
  11. Ep. 11: Mysterious! The Man in the Spider Mask (第11話:怪奇!クモ仮面の男 Dai Jūichi-wa: Kaiki! Kumo Kamen no Otoko)
  12. Ep. 12: The Sixth King (第12話:6人目の王様 Dai Jūni-wa: Roku Hitome no Ōsama)
  13. Ep. 13: Angry Spider (第13話:怒りのスパイダー Dai Jūsan-wa: Ikari no Supaidā)
  14. Ep. 14: Together with Moffun (第14話:もっふんといっしょ Dai Jūyon-wa: Moffun to Issho)
  15. Ep. 15: A Visit to Suzume (第15話:スズメにお見舞い Dai Jūgo-wa: Suzume ni o Mimai)
  16. Ep. 16: The 10-Year-Old Chief Justice (第16話:10才の裁判長 Dai Jūroku-wa: Jūsai no Saiban-chō)
  17. Ep. 17: The King Does Not Flee (第17話:王は逃げない Dai Jūnana-wa: Ō wa Nigenai)
  18. Ep. 18: The Crown of Beginnings (第18話:始まりの王冠 Dai Jūhachi-wa: Hajimari no Ōkan)
  19. Ep. 19: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger (第19話:王様戦隊キングオージャー Dai Jūkyu-wa: Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā)
  20. Ep. 20: Duel of King and King (第20話:王と王の決闘 Dai Nijū-wa: Ō to Ō no Kettō)
  21. Ep. 21: Push Forward on the High Road (第21話:突き進め王道を Dai Nijūichi-wa: Tsukisusume Ōdō o)
  22. Ep. 22: Great Gathering of Shugods (第22話:シュゴッド大集合 Dai Nijūni-wa:Shugoddo Daishūgō)
  23. Ep. 23: Shugoddam's Moving Castle (第23話:シュゴッダムの動く城 Dai Nijūsan-wa:Shugoddamu no Ugokushiro)
  24. Ep. 24: King of the In-between VS King of the Abyss (第24話:狭間の王VS奈落の王 Dai Nijūyon-wa: Hazama no Ō Tai Naraku no Ō)
  25. Ep. 25: War of The Kings and The People (第25話:王と民の戦い Dai Nijūgo-wa: Ō to Min no Tatakai)
  26. Ep. 26: Birth of a New Kingdom (第26話:新王国の誕生 Dai Nijūroku-wa: Shin Ōkoku no Tanjō)
  27. Ep. 27: Arrival of The Uchu King (第27話:宇蟲王の到来 Dai Nijūnana-wa: Uchū Ō no Tōrai)
  28. Ep. 28: Shuffle Kings! (第28話:シャッフル・キングス! Dai Nijūhachi-wa: Shaffuru Kingusu!)
  29. Ep. 29: Disqualified as King (第29話:王様失格 Dai Nijūkyu-wa: Ōsama Shikkaku)
  30. Ep. 30: Frozen Scales (第30話:凍てつく天秤 Dai Sanjū-wa: Itetsuku Tenbin)
  31. Ep. 31: 2000 Years of Love (第31話:二千年の愛 Dai Sanjūichi-wa: Nisen'nen no Ai)
  32. Ep. 32: Encounter! Kyoryu! (第32話:遭遇!キョウリュウ! Dai Sanjūni-wa: Sōgū! Kyōryū!)
  33. Ep. 33: Shugo! King and Kyoryu!! (第33話:シューゴー!キングとキョウリュウ!! Dai Sanjūsan-wa: Shūgō! Kingu to Kyōryū!!)
  34. Ep. 34: Shugo Mask Strikes Back (第34話:シュゴ仮面の逆襲 Dai Sanjūyon-wa: Shugo Kamen no Gyakushū)
  35. Ep. 35: Don't Cry, Slack-Jawed Tanuki (第35話:泣くなスカポンタヌキ Dai Sanjūgo-wa: Nakuna Sukapon Tanuki)
  36. Ep. 36: Hymeno's Matchmaking Strategy (第36話:ヒメノのお見合い大作戦 Dai Sanjūroku-wa: Himeno no Omiai Dai Sakusen)
  37. Ep. 37: Iroki's Rebellion (第37話:イロキの乱 Dai Sanjūnana-wa: Iroki no Ran)
  38. Ep. 38: Steadfast Idol Debut (第38話:不動のアイドルデビュー Dai Sanjūhachi-wa:Fudō no Aidoru Debyū)
  39. Ep. 39: N'Kosopa Climactic Battle (第39話:ンコソパ頂上決戦 Dai Sanjūkyu-wa:Nkosopa Chōjō Kessen)
  40. Ep. 40: I am a King and a Prince (第40話:我は王で王子なり Dai Yonju-wa: Ware wa Ō de Ōjinari)
  41. Ep. 41: Time to Save the Universe (第41話:宇宙を救う時 Dai Yonjūichi-wa: Uchū o Sukū Toki)
  42. Ep. 42: The Secrets of King Rcules (第42話:ラクレス王の秘密 Dai Yonjūni-wa: Rakuresu Ō no Himitsu)
  43. Ep. 43: The Overlord's Deadly Sin (第43話:覇王の大罪 Dai Yonjūsan-wa: Haō no Taizai)
  44. Ep. 44: Proof of the Kings! The True Alliance of the Six Kingdoms (第44話:王の証!真の六王国同盟 Dai Yonjūyon-wa: Ō no Akashi! Shin no Roku Ō Gokudōmei)
  45. Ep. 45: Heirs to the King (第45話:王を継ぐ者たち Dai Yonjūgo-wa: Ō o Tsugu Mono-tachi)
  46. Ep. 46: Know the Beauty of Life (第46話:命の美しさを知れ Dai Yonjūroku-wa: Inochi no Utsukushi-sa o Shire)
  47. Ep. 47: Silence God (第47話:神を黙らせろ Dai Yonjūnana-wa: Kami o Damara Sero)
  48. Ep. 48: Farewell, Dear People (第48話:さらば、親愛なる民よ Dai Yonjūhachi-wa: Saraba, Shin'ainaru-min yo)
  49. Ep. 49: The Kings Are Here (第49話:王はここにいる Dai Yonjūkyu-wa: Ō wa Koko ni Iru)
  50. Final Ep.: We Will Rule the World (最終話:俺様たちが世界を支配する Saishū-wa: Oresama-tachi ga Sekai o Shihai suru)


  1. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger: Adventure Heaven (映画 王様戦隊キングオージャー アドベンチャー・ヘブン Eiga Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā: Adobenchā Hebun)
  2. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger vs. Donbrothers (王様戦隊キングオージャーVSドンブラザーズ Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Tai Donburazāzu)
  3. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger vs. Kyoryuger (王様戦隊キングオージャーVSキョウリュウジャー Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Tai Kyōryūjā)


  1. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Transformation Lesson (王様戦隊キングオージャー変身講座 Ōsama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Henshin Kōza)
  2. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Combination Lesson (王様戦隊キングオージャー合体講座 Ōsama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Gattai Kōza)
  3. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger: The Secrets of King Rcules (王様戦隊キングオージャー ラクレス王の秘密 Ōsama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Rakuresu-Ō no Himitsu)
  4. Together with Moffun (もっふんといっしょ Moffun to Issho)
  5. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Final Three Episodes TTFC Special Version (王様戦隊キングオージャー 最終三話TTFC特別バージョン Ōsama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā San-wa TTFC Tokubetsu Bājon)
  6. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger with Tombo Ohger (特捜戦隊デカレンジャーwithトンボオージャー Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Uizu Tonbo Ōjā)
  7. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger in Space (王様戦隊キングオージャー IN SPACE Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā in Supēsu)

Stage Shows

  1. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Show Series (王様戦隊キングオージャーショー シリーズ Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Shō Shirīzu)
    1. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Show Series 1: Appearing at Theater G-Rosso!! (王様戦隊キングオージャーショー シリーズ第1弾「シアターGロッソに現る!!」 Ō-Sama Sentai Kingu-Ōjā Shō Shirīzu Dai-Ichi-Dan: Shiatā Jī-Rosso ni Arawaru!!)
  2. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger vs. Super Sentai Special Battle Stage (王様戦隊キングオージャー VS #スーパー戦隊 SPバトルステージ)
  3. Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger vs. Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Special Battle Stage (王様戦隊キングオージャー VS爆竜戦隊アバレンジャー SPバトルステージ)
  4. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: LIVE & SHOW 2024Icon-crosswiki (超英雄祭 KAMEN RIDER × SUPER SENTAI LIVE & SHOW 2024)


  1. to be announced


Suit Actors



Main article: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Soundtracks

Opening Theme

  • Zenryoku King (全力キング Zenryoku Kingu, lit. "Full Power King")
    • Artist: Takayuki Furukawa (古川 貴之 Furukawa Takayuki)
    • Lyrics: Takayuki Furukawa
    • Composition & Arrangement: Kentaro Sonoda

Mecha Themes

Insert Themes

Character Songs



  • The series will be dubbed in South Korea and aired under the title Power Rangers Kingdom Force (파워레인저 킹덤포스 Pawoleinjeo Kingdeomposeu?) on March.

Video Release


Main article: King-Ohger (Toyline)

Video Games

  • to be added


  • Taku Mochizuki and Yosuke Minato were initially announced as sub-producers in early February. However, they have since been removed from the official website.
  • Following the season premiere, several viewers expressed concern about the extensive use of CG. The LED studio was said to cost more than 2 billion yen to operate.[19] Series director Kazuya Kamihoriuchi expressed on Twitter for fans to "not worry about the budget".[20]
  • King-Ohger is the first Sentai series to feature a permanent time skip during the current continuity of the series.
  • Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger was ranked third place on 2023's "100 Internet Buzzwords" in Japan, held by Nico Nico Pedia and Pixiv Encyclopedia. "Rita Kaniska" ranked 49th, "Gira" ranked 92nd, and "Rcules Husty" ranked 94th.[21][22]

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