This article is about a/an team base in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.

The Ohranger Base (オーレンジャー基地 Ōrenjā Kichi) is the headquarters of the secret United Airforce Overtech Hardware division of the United Airforce and the headquarters of their Ohranger squadron. Hidden in the Japan Alps in secrecy from humanity and from Baranoia's reach, it is where various experiments and developments to assist the Ohranger are developed and where the team is based when not in action. The base consists of a central meeting place and various depots where the mechanics of the team, including the mecha and Thunder Wingers, are stored. Deep hidden within the base is the central Tetrahedron which supplies the team with it's Super-Power for combating Baranoia.

At the point Baranoia restarts their invasion, the machines release special "Dark Particles" that allow for them to infiltrate the mechanics of the team mecha, including OhBlocker and Red Puncher. Using the knowledge gained from the mecha, emperor Buldont commands an all-out attack of Baranoia's forces to destroy the base in hopes of likewise destroying the Tetrahedron. Though failing to destroy the main power source or killing Commander Miura, the base becomes unusable, with the still-stored mecha moved to a safe location for further usage later. Ep. 45: Destruction!! The Super-Powered Base

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