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"Your father was the best of the best of Rangers."
Commander Cruger to Sky Tate[src]

Officer Tate was the father of Schuyler Tate and a S.P.D. Red Ranger.


Early Life


A picture with Officer Tate and his son.

Officer Tate served at S.P.D. and helped create the Delta Morphers, along with the parents of the future B-Squad Rangers and Kat Manx. In 2001, during their attempts at creating the Delta Morphers, Tate and his coworkers were exposed to some cellular enhancers, which altered their genes and would give his son the ability to create force fields after he was born. This incident was concealed from both the public and the children of those affected. Tvicon TV STORY-Sam (2)


Over the years, Tate built a reputation as one of the greatest Rangers and earned the admiration of his son, who even at a young age wanted to be just like him. Tvicon TV STORY-Beginnings (1)

Officer Tate last rescue

Tate during his last mission.

He was once called to an intense battle, and saved dozens of people, Tate fought to the bitter end but ultimately lost his life to a criminal named Mirloc. Mirloc was later contained and sent to a special prison facility on Gamma Orion. His helmet was found after the battle and given to his son Sky after his death, who kept it along with one of their pictures together in order to remember him. While Mirloc was captured, his role in Tate's demise was hidden from his son, who was later inspired to become a Red Ranger just like his father was. Tvicon TV STORY-Reflection (1)


13 S.P.D. ~ S.P.D

Sky becoming the Red Ranger.

Sky originally hoped to be a Red Ranger like his father but he ended up being the Blue Ranger and Second-in-Command as Cruger didn't feel like he was ready yet. Tvicon TV STORY-Beginnings (2)

Despite being an official Ranger, Sky was still kept on the dark about how Mirloc was responsible for his father's demise, but he eventually found out after the criminal escaped his prison. While recapturing Mirloc, Sky was allowed to temporarily morph into the Red Ranger for the first time. Tvicon TV STORY-Reflection (2)

After the B-Squad Rangers defeated Emperor Gruumm and his empire, Sky was officially made the new Red Ranger and leader of the team. Tvicon TV STORY-Endings


Described as "the best of the best of Rangers" by Commander Cruger, Officer Tate was the standard that S.P.D. expected from any future Red Rangers. His son Sky also said that he was a great father. Tate was committed to his mission to protect the innocent, making a vow that he kept until his last days. Whenever someone was in danger, Officer Tate was always ready to fight. During his final mission, he fought until the end, saving dozens of people in the process.

S.P.D. Red Ranger


Powers and Abilities


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Tate presumably utilized an array of weapons before his death likely reminiscent of primitive S.P.D. technology.


Tate presumably piloted some sort of Zord before his death likely reminiscent of primitive S.P.D. technology.




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Behind the Scenes


  • Officer Tate is portrayed by an unknown actor.


  • Due to Disney reusing suits from previous seasons, Officer Tate's suit is identical to that of the Red Time Force Ranger/TimeRed save for the addition of the S.P.D. logo on several parts of the suit. Due to this, fans had initially believed that Officer Tate was in fact Wes, but it was debunked following the revelation of Officer Tate's past being inconsistent with Wes' and that Wes was shown to be alive in "Legendary Battle" and "Dimensions in Danger".


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  • Though not confirmed, it's likely that some of Time Force's technology was inherited by S.P.D. following Ransik's defeat, which would give an in-universe explanation as to why Tate's suit was identical to Wes'.
  • He is the first Ranger to be a parent of a Ranger.




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