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"Leave now while we are feeling merciful! You are an eyesore!"
―Oculous' first lines as he speaks to Necrolai.[src]
―Oculous reacting to the Red Dragon Fire Ranger preparing his finisher and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Oculous was a red-eyed robotic Cyclops and was one of the Ten Terrors. He was the sharpshooter of the Ten Terrors and was known as the "Cunning Hunter". He used a sniper rifle with a bayonet as his weapon. He was the second Terror to battle the Rangers and gets fought as the main antagonist in the episode "The Hunter".


When Necrolai first entered the lower sanctum where the Ten Terrors dwelled, Oculous was on the verge of firing on her with his sniper rifle, before Gekkor intervened. Necrolai told them that the Master was defeated again, Imperious was destroyed, and they had to help conquer the world. The Terrors listened to her and agreed to help conquer the Surface World. When they arrived in the human world, the sky turned dark, and they told the people of Briarwood to give them Light, who is actually Nick Russell, the Red Ranger. They easily defeated Rangers' Manticore Megazord and left.The Light

After Magma (the first Terror to fight the Rangers) was destroyed, Oculous became the second Terror chosen by the Stone of Judgement to challenge the Rangers. Oculous arrived to the city and encountered the Rangers, offering to spare their lives if they sacrificed Nick, The Light. The Rangers refused and attempted to escape, but Oculous easily took out Vida, Madison, Xander, and Chip from his other dimension, leaving Nick wounded and desperate. When Phineas told Nick to look into his "heart", Nick summoned Fire Heart and combined with him, summoning the Mystic Battlizer and becoming the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. Oculous summoned Necrolai and a horde of Hidiacs and Styxoids. Nick defeated numerous Hidiacs & Styxoids before firing at Oculous, destroying him completely, making his friends rematerialize. This makes Oculous the second Terror to be destroyed and the first Terror to be destroyed by the Rangers.The Hunter


Oculous is a cold, ruthless and an arrogant Terror that thinks that no one will stop him, though he (like most of the Terrors) shown loyalty to The Master.

Powers And Abilities

  • Super Strength: Like all the other Ten Terrors, Oculous posses far greater strength than the previous villains fought by the Mystic Rangers beforehand.
  • Size Changing: Oculous can change his size at will.
  • Teleportation: Oculous can teleport to any location at will.
  • Hidiacs and Styxoid Summoning: Oculous can summon an army of both Hidiacs and Styxoids to aid him in battle.
  • Dimension Travel: Oculous can travel to other dimensions to snipe his enemies.
  • Chest Beam: Oculous' strongest ability--he can fire an green energy beam from his chest.


  • Sniper Rifle/Bayonet: Oculous' main weapon is a large sniper rifle that can fire off red energy lasers that can vaporise anyone or anything on contact. It can also be used for combat. However, everyone will be rematerialized if he is destroyed.
    • Bayonet Laser: Oculous can launch powerful green energy lasers from the bayonet side.

Behind The Scenes



  • Oculous' appearance is based off a Cyclops, a giant mythological creature with a single eye.
  • In Magiranger, Oculous originally had a Zord fight where he fought MagiLegend (AKA the Manticore Megazord) but was killed by the Magical Climax/Legend Striker Spin Attack. This was cut likely because his counterpart used only realistic bullets.
    • As a result, any and all fight footage of Oculous is only US footage.
      • This limitation of footage is also why the Red Dragon Fire Ranger Battlizer exists. There wasn't any usable footage of him dying since he was just knocked down prior to growing.
  • Oculous is the first villain in Power Rangers Mystic Force to be fought by the Red Dragon Fire Ranger.
  • Oculous has made the second least appearances out of any major villain in Power Rangers Mystic Force, appearing in only two episodes, with Magma coming in front of him of only appearing in only one episode.

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